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Product Description

Sanding Disc
According to different grinding substances, there are emery paper, artificial emery paper, glass sandpaper and so on.
Dry grinding sandpaper is used to finish wood and bamboo surfaces.
Water-resistant sandpaper is used to polish metal or non-metallic workpiece surfaces in water or oil.

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Different granularity
Because the object of grinding is different, so there will be particle size requirements for sandpaper.
The larger the value means the higher the number of grinding particles per unit area, which also means the smaller the abrasive particles, so the finer the sandpaper particle size. Conversely, the smaller the number, the larger the abrasive particles, the rough.

From 2 inch 50mm to 9 inch 225mm
Hole Patterns
0/6/8/17/54 holes or customized
#24 - #2000
Abrasive Type 
Aluminum Oxide
Hook and loop
Resin over Resin
D-Wt. Paper
E-Weight Paper and latex paper are available upon request.  Sand-Plating Method
Open coat
Semi-open coat and closed coat are available upon request.
100 pieces/box, 20 boxes/carton and N cartons/pallet
Customized packaging is available upon request.
OEM Serivce 
FBA Service

Choose the correct coarse degree
In addition to the detailed size identification, there is the size range, which facilitates people to make appropriate choices according to the grinding work.
Many times in the choice of sandpaper, it is to choose a certain rough grade, rather than accurate to choose a specific sandpaper particle size. To choose the right sandpaper, it is important to know the right items for each level.
In the grinding process, you need to start with the rough sandpaper number, and then change to the thinner number, to get a smooth surface effect

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Different colors
You can customize different sizes of sandpaper according to your needs, and the color will lead to different prices due to different materials.

1. Adopt linkage line for production, with high efficiency;
2. Because the water-resistant sandpaper uses varnish as a binder, so the drying time is long, its drying mode is generally using hanging drying;
3. The grain size of water-resistant sandpaper is generally fine. The grain size of water sandpaper in China starts from P80, and the fine grain size is connected with the grain of gold sandpaper.
4. Water-resistant sandpaper is generally polished under aqubearing conditions, so there is less dust and working conditions are

Product Application

Used in cars, hull, machine tools and other mechanical equipment grinding and precision instrument polishing. Used for all kinds of alloy products, stainless steel products, non-ferrous metal, black metal sheet metal and impeller blades and other metal parts of the buckle, polishing. Used for high-grade furniture, wood products on the paint polishing and jewelry, handicrafts, rattan products and other fine grinding polishing. Used for piano, Musical Instruments and other paint surface, atomic ash and other grinding, can be used in gold, brass, plastic, etc.

Product packaging

Company Profile

Jinan Enying Abrasives Co., Ltd. belongs to Shandong Enying Group, which was established in 2011. The group has several wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Enying Machinery, Enying Abrasives, Zhangqiu Hongdun Trading, Jinan Heavy Truck Accessories,etc. Ji 'nan Enying abrasives is a group of professional engaged in new abrasives research and development,
production, sales andservice as one of the enterprises. The company has 5,000 square meters of modern production workshop, the world's leading level of automatic high-precision molding machines and semi-automatic standardized production lines, with a full range of abrasive products of 50 million pieces of annual production capacity.
Our products mainly include: full specifications of 100 impeller, Korean flower impeller, vertical impeller, with handle impeller, black gold steel, chuck impeller, wool wheel, PVA polishing wheel, non-woven wheel, resin cutting pieces, ceramic cutting pieces, ultra-thin cutting pieces, steel sand disk, stainless steel grinding wheel, flocking pieces and a whole series of coated abrasive products.
The company's abrasive products use high quality raw materials, through the strict standardized quality control system, the product quality has reached the European Union export standards, products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other dozens of countries and regions. The company also actively expand the domestic market,marketing channels across more than 20 provinces. We always take a professional and dedicated attitude, adhere to the customer as the center, constantly rely on technological progress, management innovation, to provide our customers with first-class products and services, and work together with customers for win-win cooperation.
We believe that Enying grinding tools will be your most reliable partner.

Our Advantages

1.About return and exchange
If you have any dissatisfaction with the product, according to the rules of the platform, within seven days after your receipt of
the goods.
2.About the invoice
Customers who need invoices, please provide your information in time, and we will send it to you within 15 days after you provide the information.
3.No wrong and missing
If you find any wrong or missing parts, please send an email, after-sales timely replacement for you and bear the freight.
4.About the delivery time
Except in exceptional circumstances, the orders will be shipped within 2-7 days.
5.About transportation
Generally use carton packaging, port transportation.


Q:What is the minimum order volume for this product?
A: Reserooking are available according to your needs.
Q: Can I get the samples?
A: Samples can be obtained, but the customer needs to bear the delivery cost himself.
Q: Can the quality of the product be guaranteed?
A: We have all been product tested and you can rest assured to use it.
Q: What is your package?
A: Usually in cartons, you can also specify the packaging material.
Q: What about your delivery time?
A: It is usually about seven days, and large bookings are delayed.

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