Best Polyacrylamide Pam/phpa As Oil Field And Water Treatment Chemicals

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Polyacrylamide referred to as PAM, is a linear polymer, is one of the most widely used varieties of water-soluble polymer compounds, polyacrylamide and its derivatives can act as effective flocculants, thickeners, paper enhancers and liquid drag reducers, widely used in water treatment, paper petroleum, coal, mining, geology, textile, construction and other industrial sectors. Insoluble in most organic solvents, has a good flocculant, can reduce the frictional resistance between liquids, according to the ionic characteristics can be divided into anionic, cationic, non-ionic three types.

APAM is a water-soluble polymer widely used in petroleum recovery, metallurgy, coal washing, chemical industry, mineral processing, papermaking, textile, agriculture and other industries
CPAM is a linear polymer composed of cationic monomers and acrylamide. It is a positively charged molecular chain that is commonly used for sludge dewatering.
NPAM is a homopolymer of acrylamide, a linear polymer with high molecular weight, low hydrolysis and strong flocculation.

Both PAC and PAM need to be dissolved into a liquid and then discharged into the sewage to maximize the effect. First, add polyaluminum chloride solution, mix with sewage evenly, form alum flowers in a short time and gradually grow, and finally achieve the effect of precipitation. Add polyacrylamide solution later, polyacrylamide plays the effect of coagulant, will accelerate the growth and precipitation rate of alum, so that the effect of coagulation and precipitation is better. Therefore, polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide are become the "golden partners" of the water purification industry.

Comparison of sewage treatment

Application field

Oil, coal, iron ore, thickening, steel mills,Paper mills, printing and dyeing plants, coal mines, coking plants, power plants, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, cigarette factories, starch factories, alcohol factories, food factories, breweries, slaughterhouses, monosodium glutamate factories, dairy products, seafood factories, beverage factories, etc

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1. Do you offer free samples?
Yes, we can provide free samples, but the shipping cost is paid by our customers.
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Yes, of course, send us your logo design.
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We do not limit the MOQ of products, we hope to grow with you and look forward to establishing a long-term
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We are a professional manufacturer of polyaluminum chloride, the company was founded in 2004, we promise that each batch of products can be tested before they can leave the factory. We can also customize the packaging and content of polyaluminum chloride according to your requirements.

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