furnace burden for gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel or silicon

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Product Overview


1. Acid lining

Acid furnace lining mainly consists of quartz sand, which is inexpensive, widely distributed, has good insulation, low construction requirements, fewer defects during use, and relatively stable production. However, due to its low fire resistance, quartz sand cannot meet the requirements for casting large intermediate frequency furnaces. In addition, during the heating process, there are secondary phase changes, poor standard stability, and chemical stability, which are not ideal. They simply react with the slag to form corrosion. In order to prevent these defects, fused quartz can be selected, which has a high content and a silicon dioxide content greater than 99%. Its fire resistance is significantly advanced, close to the melting point, and there is no secondary phase change during heating, no changes in heating standards, and greatly improved thermal shock stability.
2. Neutral lining

Electric fused corundum is selected as the lining of the medium frequency furnace. Due to its high melting point of 2050 ℃, white corundum has a hardness of up to eight grades, is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has better chemical stability than quartz. Suitable for high temperature cast steel or large furnace lining. Characterized by the same defects of phase transformation and large thermal expansion coefficient, participating in spinel micropowder can significantly improve corrosion resistance and standard stability in practice.
3. Alkaline lining

The traditional alkaline furnace lining is formed by dry ramming with magnesia, which has the advantage of high fire resistance and is close to 2800 ℃. The defects are high expansion coefficient and easy to crack. The magnesia furnace lining is corrosion resistant, has a long service life, low price, and is widely used. When used, it can significantly improve the service life of white corundum or spinel powder.

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