Hand push Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Machine for paint

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Thermoplastic road marking machine is the key equipment for hot melt marking construction. It is used together with the hot melt kettle to complete marking construction. The machine adopts a specially made high precision cast iron marking bucket to ensure that the marked lines have neat edges, neat heads, uniform thickness and beautiful lines. The adjustable glass bead seeder is equipped with a speed regulating gear shifting device, which can adjust the seeding width. It is characterized by high construction quality, fast construction speed, flexible operation and simple maintenance. It is suitable for the marking works of expressways, municipal county and township roads, community roads, parking lots, gas stations, wharfs and factories.

Technical parameter
1. Thermal insulation barrel: double stainless steel thermal insulation heating barrel, double stainless steel bottom, capacity of 100kg, vertical manual mixing device, detachable design of barrel.
2. Glass bead storage box: 10kg/box
3. Adjustable glass bead seeder: synchronous clutch seeding, equipped with speed regulating gear shifting device. Adjustable width: 50-200mm
4. Scoring bucket: made of high-precision ultra-thin material, scraper type structure, single handle of scoring bucket, no material leakage for knife closing, neat marking edges, neat head and tail, and even thickness.
5. Floor knife: hard alloy, eccentric sleeve device, can adjust the marking thickness range: 1-3mm.
6. Rubber wheel: aluminum alloy wheel strand, specially made heat-resistant rubber, and the rear wheel is equipped with a locator to ensure the straight line.
7. Locator: the rear tail wheel is equipped with a locator to ensure the car body to walk in a straight line or turn freely.
8. Marking width: 150 mm, with 50/100/150/200/250/300/400/450 mm and other different specifications. The marking bucket and glass bead spreader of different specifications can be replaced according to the project requirements.
9. Size: 1200 "830" 1100 mm
10. Net weight: 100 kg

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