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Product Overview


Product name: Taitang photocatalyst ceramic filter


Applicable scope: It is applied to air purification equipment and large-scale air-cleaner machines for households. It can also be used in central air condition to enhance the functions of air purification, sterilization and even the concentration increasing of negative oxygen ions.


Technical features:

1. We use proprietary immobilized technology to fix superior photocatalyst to the stroma surface, ensuring both the solidity and the superior photocatalytic activity.

2. Taitang photocatalyst ceramic filter has excellent photocatalytic activity, and the index of removing formaldehyde is 15 to 25 mg/m2*min.

3. With superior photocatalytic activity, Taitang photocatalyst ceramic filter is water-resistant, and UV-light-resistantt. Its functions will not be affected by wash.


Product functions:

1. The function of air purification: This type of products masters in purifying air and removing toxic gases, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, TVOC and other detrimental gases.

2. The function of releasing negative oxygen ions: It can release negative oxygen ions which are beneficial to human health.

3. The capability of anti-bacteria and anti-virus: This type of products is able to remove bacteria and virus effectively. Simultaneously, apart from sterilization, it can also degrade toxic substances released by dead bacteria.

4. The performance of deodorization: It has a favorable function of removing odor, especially the stink of cigarettes, toilets, trashes and animals.


Product specification: Photocatalyst ceramic filter with any size can be customized. And the outmost layer can be bound with sponge for quakeproof function.



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