Professional Sewer Cleaning Coil Jet Washer Pump Head High Pressure Cleaner Sewer spray drainage cleaner (1600726427096)

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Price:$3,400.00 - $3,600.00
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Product Overview


Main information:

Rotate speed
Honda 390 engine

Other application scenarios

Cleaning the cart
By using a rotating nozzle and high-pressure water jet to clean the cart, the hard soil on the surface is removed
Rust remove
Cement plant pipe cleaning, grease remove from the equipment surface, fouling layer removal.

Condenser pipeline cleaning
The condenser tubes in industrial chemical plants have a lot of hard dirt, which is sprayed down with water under excessive pressure
Pipe Sewer cleaing
Suitable for cleaning drain lines, diameter 100-1000mm.

Pipe pressure test, valve / hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc
Roof cleaning
Machine producing plant, volume / pipe / tank / rust / oxide skin cleaning...

paint removal
High pressure paint removal on physical surfaces, which can wash off the paint on the surface
Roof cleaning
Machine producing plant, volume / pipe / tank / rust / oxide skin cleaning...
Ship and deck cleaning
Ship yard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaning, boat surface cleaning, dirt removal, sea creatures remove from the hull bottom.

Yujiang Product Delivery

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Ql: I haven't used this high-pressure cleaning machine before.
A1: Our sales personnel have all received professional technical training. Can you tell us what cleaning equipment you are using? We will help you choose the appropriate model based on the object you are cleaning. If convenient, you can also bring samples to our factory for on-site testing.
Q2: Is your high-pressure cleaning machine driven by an electric belt?
A2: Our various models of high-pressure cleaning machines are all driven by electric motors. Qiyou engine, or diesel engine, with a motor of 380V 50HZ industrial power, can you confirm if your power supply is convenient.
Q3: Are the machines still in stock?
A3: Small high-pressure cleaning machines below 500bar are usually available in stock. If there is no stock available, the delivery time is approximately 3-5 days. The delivery time for large equipment motor drives is15DAY

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