175T cooling capacity closed cooling tower for induction furnace industrial furnace

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Advantages of closed cooling tower
1、The closed cooling tower is to exchange the circulating water through the heat exchange pipe and the cooling water outside the pipe, and the circulating water always keeps the closed heat exchange cycle, thus ensuring the normal and stable operation of the main equipment, the failure of pipeline and equipment clogging and corrosion caused by the contact of circulating water with atmosphere is avoided.
2、Because the circulating water circulates inside the pipeline, there is almost no loss of circulating water in the system.Unlike the open-type cooling tower as the circulation of water and the atmosphere, the circulation of water loss, thus causing the waste of circulating water.
3、 Closed cooling tower system, no need to dig the pool, according to the site requirements for Modular design, the size of the site flexible, smaller than the open tower.
4、With the closed cooling tower system, the system circulating water pump does not need to overcome the system's hydrostatic head, the head of the circulating water pump is reduced, and the pump energy consumption is reduced.

Detailed parameters
Models: SGLQ-175
dimensions: 2.9*2.16*3.55m
Diameter of heat
Water tanks: 0.8*1*1m
Main pump: 30KW
Traffic: 200m3/h
Water lift: 32m
Fan: 1.5KW*4
Wind volume: 23000m3/h*4

Tower body

The profile is reasonable, the air flow is stable, the material is good, it is not easy to age, the strength is high, the weight is light, and it is not easy to corrode


The modified polyethylene wave plate is adopted, and the ribs are added transversely. The water redistribution ability is strong, the resistance is small, the thermal performance is good, and the flame resistance is good

Wind blade

Low-noise fan blades designed according to cooling tower parameters are made of aluminum alloy, with low noise and high efficiency

Copper core motor

The low-noise motor designed for the cooling tower has good sealing and waterproof performance, large air volume, low noise, low speed and fast cooling

Air inlet network

Equipped with nylon air inlet net, which can reduce water leakage and reduce resistance

Cooling tower swivel

Flexible and reliable operation, uniform water distribution, and uneasy deformation

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