White Milo Sorghum Grains Sorghum Price Per Ton

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Sorghum Grains

Our company offers organic sorghum seeds that have uniform size, shape
and color. We offer three varieties of sorghum namely yellow sorghum,
white sorghum (both milky and snow white) and Red sorghum.

Foreign Matter 1 % Max
Contrasting Seed 1% Max
Badly Damaged Beans 2 % max
Insect Damage 0.2 % max


We supply good quality Sorgham, which can be used for Human
Consumption and Cattle Feed. These are also suitable for manufacturing
of alcoholic beverages. Shorgum is a cereal distributed in many food
supply operations, in whole grain or milled.

Protein on Dry Basis: 8% Maximum
Moisture: 14% Maximum
Foreign Material: 2% Maximum
Shriveled and Broken Grains: 2.0% Maximum
Energy: 300 K/Cal
Affiliation: 20 PPB Maximum
Shrunken: 3% Maximum


It is very rich in nutrients, digestible and characteristic in flavor,
with a slight hint of sweetness. Kamut flour is suitable for all
professional uses: excellent for pasta, in the preparation of baked
goods it ensures an excellent water absorption and provides a good
resistance of the gluten network, ensuring a smooth rise and a long
shelf life.

Kamut wheat is two to three times the size of common wheat, similar in
texture to common wheat, but contains 20-40% more protein and a more
digestible form of gluten.

This wheat has many nutritional benefits, as it is high in protein and
many other minerals. It has a high percentage of lipids and can be
described as "high energy wheat."

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