Original HIK 4MP 4K 8MP ColorVu Acusense dome bullet Turret ip Network PTZ Camera Hik NVR vision intercom cctv system (1600729572835)

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Product Overview


"ColorVu+X" takes video security above and beyond

Hik’s ColorVu technology helps users protect people and property by capturing high-quality, full-color video 24/7 with the same sharp rendering at night time as in daylight. Now, combine ColorVu with (“+”) other Hikvision’s advanced technology (“X”) and amazing possibilities emerge. In other words, as one plus one equals amazing!  


That’s how “ColorVu+X” works, delivering unmatched value to the security market with more options than ever. Cameras powered by these technologies render clear imaging with vivid details for video evidence, improved alarm accuracy for real security threats, and video search efficiency, taking your security above and beyond what was previously possible. Versatile products and solutions are introduced with optimized performance to tackle more common security concerns in residences, office buildings, parking lots and many more. 



Hik offers a range of security cameras, NVRs, and DVRs, that have AcuSense technology built in. These are able to detect humans and vehicles extremely reliably, triggering alarms to end users’ mobile devices, and creating labels in video footage for fast, accurate incident searches. High-end Hik cameras that incorporate AcuSense technology (such as model 2XX7G2 cameras) also use ColorVu technology to provide extremely clear, high-resolution images of vehicles and people of interest – even in ultra low-light conditions or at night. Most cameras that incorporate AcuSense technology have built-in visual and auditory warnings to startle and put off intruders. how-does-acusense-work.jpeg


Meet future-ready security cameras


DeepinView Series Cameras feature Hikvision’s state-of-the-art video analytics based on deep learning technology. These cameras bring AI edge computing to life, enabling automated detection, categorization, and analysis of objects in view with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


What the DeepinView cameras offer is not just video and image data, it’s the deep insights you need to build a safer and smarter world.



Designing video-security applications has become more complex for, monitoring large areas such as public plazas, arenas, airports, busy highways, and intersections. In very large settings, security personnel need to see more than just one camera, including panoramic images and detailed views.


 PanoVu Series cameras are perfectly designed for this purpose. The all-in-one panoramic cameras capture excellent panoramas and detailed close-up images. The panoramic images are captured by multiple sensors, rendering 180° or 360° imaging with real-time ultra-HD resolution. The integrated design of panoramic view and PTZ cameras offers fast detail positioning over panoramic areas.


PanoVu cameras performs excellently in poor lighting environment thanks to DarkFighter ultra low-light technology. And with Hikvision's H.265+ smart codec, bandwidth and storage requirements are relatively low, helping to reduce cost for managing HD images and videos. PanoVu cameras also feature a wide range of smart functions in panoramic mode, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and region entrance and exiting detection.





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