High Quality Oil Cooled Case Cooling Liquid Box For Computer Server Slient Heatsink maintaining Overlock System (1600729603094)

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XINGJIA Oil Immersion Cooling Systems —Shorten ROI—
Would you like an extra 40% to 50% profit?An immersion cooling system is a great way to get it. Not only does it shorten your ROI,it also provides other great benefits.

Let’s get started!

oil tank size: 100CM*77CM*65CM
oil tank inner diameter: 59.6CM*68CM*50CM
oil tank weight: 62KG
oil tank capacity: 160L
Special oil for immersion: the price is about 2.5 US dollars / liter (acid value is less than 0.005mg/g, boiling point > 109
℃,moisture < 20mg/kg)
Oil pump: power 270W; voltage 220V; 1 inch pipe diameter; flow 11m³/H; weight 3.5KG
Electric box: weight 8KG; configuration: 2 10A sockets (connected to oil pump network equipment); 6 16A-25A sockets (connected to rig server)
220V voltage aviation socket inlet wire at least 25 square
220V voltage aviation socket inlet wire at least 25 square Power: 6 units*7KW=42KW (overclocking requires power support, it is recommended to use lianli APW overclocking power supply)
Cooling tower: 15T/H; net weight 50KG; circulation capacity (0.23T/H) KW 6*server overclocking power is 42KW
The water tower circulation volume is 0.23T*42KW=9.66T
Tower circulating pump power 750W,Tower top fan 200W
Water consumption≈0.3%*circulation

+50% profit
Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 50% more profit. It may require mechanical adaptation, additional overclocking PSU, or custom immersion firmware!
80% Reduced failure rate
Reducing the influence of high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration can reduce the equipment failure rate by 80% and the equipment operation and maintenance cost by 85%

Easy to install &Safe
The unit's design focuses on simplicity and safe operation. You can operate the system immediately upon receiving it, which reduces your construction and installation costs and MAXIMIZES YOUR PROFITS.
Noiseless running
Immersion in the liquid fully protects from temperature, humidity, dust and vibration or fire.
No fans = no noise, more profit , less downtime & less maintenance.

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