Good Quality Natural Fresh Dried 100% Pure Frozen Whole Rabbit Meat for Sale

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Product Overview


rabbit meat
1) fresh quality and well frozen 2) good quality
inner packing: polybag
outer packing: carton

frozen rabbit meat

frozen rabbit meat headless,haccp,8 rabbitsx8.5 to 13 kg/1 carton

48 cartons in one euro pallete


rabbit nutritional facts

rabbit meat is high in protein, low in fat and half the calories of pork.   

also rabbit meat is an all-white meat which makes this suitable for many diets.


nutritional value of commonly eaten meat kindly compare it with rabbit meat

meat type                      % protein                       % fat                                  calories per lb.

rabbit                                20.8                                           4.5                                                       795

veal                                     19.1                                         12.0                                                     840

chichen                            20.0                                          17.9                                                    810

turkey                               20.1                                          20.0                                                1,190

lamb                                   15.7                                            27.7                                                1,420

beef                                    16.7                                            28.0                                                1,440

duck                                   16.0                                           28.6                                                1,015

pork                                    11.9                                           45.0                                                2,050

nutritional facts

(vitamins and minerals commonly found in uncooked rabbit meat)

serving size: 100 grams / 3.5 oz.

                                                                                   % daily value

total fat                            8g                                           12%

saturated fat                   2g                                           12%

cholesterol                       82mg                                     27%

sodium                             47mg                                      1%

total carbohydrates      0g                                           0%

dietary fibre                  0g                                           ----

sugars                              0g                                           ----

protein                             29g                                        58%

vitamin a                                                                       0%

vitamin c                                                                       0%

iron                                                                                  12%


This is the way we do work :-

send your order with all details

- quantities Needed

- type of meat Needed

- cuts of objects Needed

- the country of destination

- packing method

- shipping method

- payment method

after that our company is considering your request to send the price and all the requirements.

thank you very much and hope see your answers.

Frozen RAW Rabbit Skin with fur

Freezing Type


Country of origin




Average weight



30 pieces in Polyblock 

Storage temp.

-18 C

Approved for

Al countries

Shelf life

12 months

0.0084 s.