Карбонат кальция, тяжелая кальция, порошок 800, сетка, пластиковое наполнение, резиновый пластиковый кабель с тяжелым кальциевым порошком

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Calcium carbonate powder is a compound, the chemical formula is CaCO3, it is alkaline, basically insoluble in water, soluble in acid. It is a common substance on the earth and exists in rocks such as aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. It is also the main component of animal bones and shells. 


Ground calcium carbonate is made by mechanically crushing natural calcite, marble, chalk and shells. Only physical changes occur in the entire production process, no chemical process.


Precipitated calcium carbonate is also called light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate or activated calcium carbonate. 

It is calcined limestone raw materials to generate lime and carbon dioxide, and then add water to digest the lime milk. The main component is calcium hydroxide. Then the carbon dioxide is introduced to carbonize the lime milk to form calcium carbonate precipitation. After a series of steps such as dehydration, drying and crushing, the final product is light calcium powder. 


Heavy Calcium Carbonate100
Light Calcium Carbonate325






Rubber making: Adding calcium carbonate into the production of rubber could improve the tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.


Plastics: Calcium carbonate can play a role as a skeleton in plastic products, which has a great effect on the dimensional stability of plastic products, and can also increase the hardness of the plastic products. 


Paints and coatings.


Construction concrete: Improve the strength of concrete.




Artificial marbles.


Floor tiles. 



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