2023 New 50 Times SHJAYI Concentrate CSD cola Syrup COLA taste cola Soft Drinks

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Product Overview


50-times-concentrated CSD syrup--coca-cola taste


Product Description


50-times-concentrated fruit syrup is a kind of concentrated fruit juice, which is produced by adopting the science batching and the advanced technics after the processing of concentrated, flavored, and sterilized. This kind product has good taste, and more than 30 kinds flavor to choose.

Usually, it is as a kind of beverage main ingredient to make beverage for manufactory. It is used mainly in the production of packet juice beverage drinks and as an ingredient in the production of various food and beverage products to increase the palate and flavor, so it is widely applied to soft drinks(such as fruit beverage, milk beverage, tea beverage, the cold drink and other fashion beverage), fruit wine, yoghurt, jelly, candies.

And also, it can be used for the repast, hotel, tearoom, family to make the fashion drink and food.

Now, we exported the products more than 1000 tons per years to many countries, such as Nigeria, Philippines and so on.


1 The pure taste and flavor of fruit;

2 low sugar, high fiber;

3 competitive prices;

4 Variety complete, more than 30 kinds flavor to choose

5 transportation and usage is convenient

Our Advantage

1More competitive price- We are the manufacturer;

2Steady supply- with Supply Ability of 100 Tons per Week;

3Profession-20 years’ experience in food and beverage;

4High quality-own special research & development team;

5Efficient- Follow up in time;


Commonly, its recommended unit is 2%

As juice beverage material: Use the fruit syrup (50 times) about 1kg and the pure water or carbonic water, stir it uniformly, the liquid become the 50kg beverage.

As an ingredient for food or beverage product: can be added according to specific need or taste.

product Advantage

1. Our 50 times concentrated syrup is convenient than to purchase and process the different raw materials, as you need less government documents and saving the time when you apply for your local food production license. Also this product helps reducing the error in the production.


 2. Since our concentrated syrup is in high concentrated level, the same weight of our concentrated syrup can help process several times of the products.


3. We can make some adjustment of our products formula to meet our customers need. Our concentrated juice are more stable in the taste and state than the raw materials, that our product don’t need to be kept in low temperature that can help you save transportation costs


4. The sales team of our company are all specialize in the oversea marketing and skilled in the beverage and food production. Meanwhile our company also could send the food and beverage technology experts to help your company in the production.


5. We have more than 11 years experience in expanding the oversea market, and we have more than 220 benefit distributors in Russia,South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana and so on.


6. Our manufactory have more than 24 years experience in the food and beverage production, we provide the technology support for more than 2000 company all over the world, almost there are 30 million people are using our product everyday.


The flavors of concentrated syrup



Packaging & Shipping

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Our Services


What we can supply for you?


1 whole plant design,

2 production line installation and debugging, contains advice for relevant machine,

3 personnel training. Courses about food & beverage production knowledge;

4 design the technology, ingredient formula of product, and market- analysis,

5 offering the trial sample for confirmation before placing order;

6 solving your problem in progress of production, if necessary, we can arrange engineer on-site services.

7 provide the analysis report on market sales trend at home and abroad and forecasting the development direction for custom.

 Send a Inquiry  to get “FREE SAMPLES”!


Company Information

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Q1:can introduce our company?

A1:As one of the best food and beverage ingredient and beverage products manufacturers in China, We are leading company in the Food/Beverage Technology Industry. We specialize in this field for about 20 years, with good quality and pretty competitive price.

Our company is one of the best food and beverage ingredient and beverage products manufacturers in China. We mainly provide distinctive, highquality food/beverage ingredient, solutions and technical support for food/beverage manufacturers.

Q2:which product we can offer ingredient and technology?

A2: We have more than 10 series over hundred products as material which used for beverage suspending, milk beverage emulsification, jelly and pudding, sweetener, and flavor.we also can provide one-step-service for food and beverage product.

Q3:how to get sample?

A3:just contat us, or send inquiry, we can offer you free sample.

Q4: if can offer formula support?

A4:we can offer you reference formula, and also teach you how to make product.

Q5: how to get touch with our compay quickly

A5:you can add our whatsapp or we chat, we will reply quickly.


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