Customize 0.5kw 22kw 365nm Industrial Best Mercury Uv Curing Lamp for Drying Uv Paint (1600733280155)

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Product Overview


Customize 5KW 5.6KW UV Curing Mercury Lamp

Product name
UV curing mercury lamps
Full Length(mm)
155/ 170/ 230/ 300/ 335(mm) Customize
Arc Length
55/70/130/200/235(mm) Customize
Lamp head material
ceramic or plastic

Product Name
High pressure uv mercury lamp
Total Length
Arc Length
Tube Diameter
(0.6"/ 0.7"/ 0.8"/ 0.9"/1"/1.1"/1.2"/1.25"/1.57")
Lamp Base
Ceramic or metal
Watts Per Inch
200 WPI
End Caps
Ceramic / Metal ( More than 100 kinds)
UV Curing Machine
320nm to 450nm (peak at 365nm)

· LANYU lamps are associated with quality and reliability. 
· 100% performance guarantee for LANYU lamps. 
· 1000 lamp types, also for unusual lengths, special output characteristics and MH additives. 
· more consistent and reliable curing processes due to strong seals, immaculate quartz glass, high-quality electrodes and connectors Replacement lamps for all UV system manufacturers. 

LANYU UV curing replacement lamps are made from top-quality quartz glass, which enables high transmission levels of UV radiation. The seal is formed using molybdenum foil with platinum which ensures good life even at very high operating temperatures and currents.
The complete assembly is furnace-cleaned to remove any traces of impurities before mounting into the quartz lamp envelope. The lamp is pumped and sealed and is completed by adding a ceramic or metal cap and suitable electrical termination.

Mercury UV lamps for curing applications
Mercury arc lamps are most commonly used for curing applications. The LANYU product range includes lamps from a 50 mm arc length
up to 2 meters and everything in between. The unique flexibility of our production means you can order anything from just one
replacement lamp up to large batch quantities for the most widely used types. Power ratings range from 30 watts per cm up to 200
watts per cm.

LANYU UV lamps can be manufactured with one of two seal types: a capillary seal or a pinch seal. Capillary sealed Uvlamps, also
known as "rolled" seals, are made by hand using the vacuum within the lamp to create the pressure difference required to form the
quartz around the foil when heated. This method allows for extremely short production runs and for high current double foil

UV Lamp Life
The operating life of a Uv curing lamp is measured in hours of ultra-violet output, which drops off gradually throughout the life
of the lamp. Standard Uv curing lamps emit enough UV to cure for 1000hours: improved production techniques and higher grade
materials have enabled LANYU to produce UV lamps with an operating life in excess of 1500 hours when operated in suitable machines
under optimum conditions.

Typical spectral output of a mercury lamp
Typical application: UV curing of inks and varnishes responsive to 365 nm wavelength.

LANYU UV lamps are used for various applications in your UV curing process

* Adhesive Curing * Automotive Components * Cd Manufacturing * Flexo Printing
* Glass Decoration * Graphic Arts * Inkjet Printing * Large Format Printing
* PCB Manufacture * Uv Lacquer * Uv Finishing * Many More
* Label Printing * Metal Decoration * Offset Printing * Packaging
* Optical Lens Coating * Narrow And Wide Web

Q1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a FACTORY with our own production line, welcome to visit our factory anytime. 

Q2. Can the product be customized? 
We are a factory producing UV lamps, IR lamps and UV CURING SYSTEMS. All our products can be made according to the details you provide.

Q3. How to guarantee quality? 
The guaranteed life of our company's products is 800 HOURS, but it can reach more than 1,000 hours. If the product life cannot meet the promise of our company's lamps, compensation will be made according to the specific situation. 

Q4. What about the delivery time?
After receiving your payment, it will be shipped within 3 DAYS at the fastest according to the order quantity. Please consult customer service for a specific time. 

Q5. About custom service? 
We can provide you with suitable solutions and provide OEM services; can print your LOGO on your products according to your requirements; also can CUSTOMIZE PACKAGING for you. 

Q6. About after-sales service? 
Each lamp will be tested by our quality control department before shipment. The company solemnly PROMISES: If the bulb is damaged during transportation and any quality problems, we will re-deliver it once it is confirmed.

LANYU - Focus On Special Light Sources 30 Years
* LANYU Is A Company Focusing On The Research And Development, Production And Sales Of Special Light Source Technology.
* We Look Into Your Processes, Challenges And Markets And Provide You With The Best Solution for Uv Heating And Curing That Strengthen Your Competitiveness In The Long Term.
* "Your Choice, Our Commitment!" Is Our Service Tenet.

LANYU Ultraviolet Lamps Sold Worldwide
LANYU Is Recognised Globally for Delivering The Highest Quality Uv Lamp Technology Directly to End-users, and Working in Partnership with Leading Uv System Manufacturers Around the World.

We Attention to Detail
Each LANYU UV lamp is individually handmade and developed using the most advanced components and leading cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Every lamp is thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our strict quality control conditions before dispatch.

We Support OEM ODM
Our product range includes bespoke UV lamp designs to meet the exact requirements demanded by our customers, as well as a wide selection of ceramic and metal end caps, and lead terminations.

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