Portable Hot Splicing Water Cooled Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belts (1600733774169)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Name
ANTAI SVP conveyor belt press vulcanization machine
Temperature Rising Time (Normal temperature to 145℃)
Temperature Adjustable Range (℃)
Timing Adjustable Range
Working Pressure Range of Vulcanizing(MPA)
1.0-3.0Mpa, adjustable, within 290psi allowable range
Pressure Transmitting Medium
By water or air
ANTAI SVP conveyor belt press vulcanization machine

• Signature ANTAI “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system.
• Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens.
• Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system.
• Automatic mute pressure pumps for operating pressures above 20kg/cm2(2.0MPa).
• ZLJ platens are built to order with all dimensions offered to accommodate various belt widths.
• DELIXI electrical apparatus element assembled into insulating and waterproof control panel.
• All electrical systems are CE, CSA and UL approved.
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1. Voltage: 220V 380V 415V 525V 660V 1140V 50HZ 60HZ(Customize available according to your requirement)
2. Quick water cooling device: 15 minutes From 145 ℃down to 80 ℃or even lower
3.Cooling source: Water or Air
4.Heating source: Electricity
5. Heating time: from room temperature to vulcanization temperature need less than 20 minutes
6. Heating plate surface temperature difference: ± 1 ℃
7. The temperature adjustment range: 0 ~ 200 ℃(custom)
8. Vulcanization pressure: Max 2.5MPa.
9. Curing temperature: 0 ~ 99min (according to the thickness of the belt to adjust)
Usually 10mm~25mins, 20mm~35mins
10. Automatic mute pressure pump
11. Automatic control panel: insulating and waterproof, security alarm, Auto power-off when reach the vulcanization temperature.
Upgrading explosion proof control box option available.

Our Advantages

Custom extruded plank, silicone heating elements (up to 180°C/356°F), and durable composite insulating packaging are used to construct a flexible platen that contours to belt irregularities.
It takes 15~25mins rise up to vulcanizing temperature (about 145°C).
The flush “quick connect” make smooth profile. Recessed power connections are sealed for moisture resistance.

Signature ANTAI “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system is lighter up to 4 times than the outdated pressure bag.
The pressure bag can reach full expansion in one time and ensure the uniform pressure up to 3.0MPa.

Automatic mute pressure pump own the features as smaller size, lighter weight and high impact-resistance. Compared with the manual pump, the operating pressure can be 23kg/cm2 (2.3MPa).

COOLING SYSTEM (Option Available)
Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens is made by several cuprum pipelines, it only takes about 20mins to drop the temperature down to 60°C.

With automatic temperature control, security alarm and automatically switch off the power. The control box can monitor the temperature of 3-5 different points on each heating platen at the same time to ensure the result of jointing.

Main Parts

ZLJ conveyor belt vulcanizing machines can be used by one or multiple combinations according to the joint length of the belt.The main configuration of a single vulcanizing machine is as following:

The whole machine
1 set
Ratchet wrench
2 pieces
Rubber Pressure Bag
1 piece
Clamping device
1 set
Electric control box
1 set
Power cable
1 root
 Control cable
2 roots
Heating platen
2 pieces
 Water pump
1 set
Pressure pipe
3 roots

Host Structure Introduction

1. Frame 2. Set bolt 3. Upper heating plate 4. Down heating plate 5. Water bag protection board
6. Rubber pressure bag 7. Water bag protection board 8. Insulation board 9. Fast cooling
10. Customizable socket

Technical Parameters (Reference)
(Except for 830 mm, 1000 mm and other conventional sizes, any non-standard size is accepted.)

Product packaging

We use fumigation-free box as our packing box.It has clean and tidy appearance,easy to load and unload.Comply with the export standards of the customs.

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We are the Direct Manufacturer of conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment. Our company is the direct manufacturer supplier in China for the production of the pressurized bag. ALMEX STYLE available,with lower ANTAI price.
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