Натуральный пчелиный воск идеально подходит для рукоделия, косметики и изготовления свечей (1600734600979)

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Natural beeswax

Beeswax is produced by bees in the form of tiny scales which are "sweated" from the segments on
the underside of the abdomen. To stimulate the production of beeswax the bees gorge themselves with honey or sugar syrup and huddle together to raise the temperature of the cluster. To produce one pound of wax requires the bees to consume about ten pounds of honey.

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White and yellow beeswax

Our main Beeswax Products: Crude Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax (Board and Pellets), White Beeswax (Board and Pellets)
Board beeswax are good when you are rubbing it onto thread or you need to melt the whole block in one go. Granulated and pelleted are good when you have to measure out an exact amount for a recipe or you want varying amounts. The granulated beeswax is to BP standard and therefore ideal for skin care products. The pelleted beeswax is a high quality beeswax.

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In cosmetic manufacturing, many beauty products contain beeswax, such as Body Wash, Lip Rouge, Blusher and Body Wax etc.

☆In Pharmaceutical industry. Beeswax can be used in the manufacture of dental casting wax , baseplate wax, adhesive wax, pill outer shell etc.
☆In the food industry, It can be used as coating ,packing and coat of food .
☆In agriculture and animal husbandry, it can be used as manufacturing fruit tree grafting wax and pest adhesive etc.

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White beeswax

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