0.33*3m Sun heater Pool Heating System EPDM Rubber Solar Panels For Swimming Pool

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product name 
Solar rubber pool mat
Cushion material
Accessory material
PP plastic
No pollution, fast heat collection, stable performance, anti-ultraviolet and ozone
Withstand temperature:
-20℃ - 90℃
Truly anti-ultraviolet and ozone resistant, resistant to chlorine compounds and thermal efficiency is over 80% in severe cold climates

1. The solar pool heating mat is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the enviroment.
2.Solar pool heating mats can greatly increase the use time of the swimming pool ,bringing real life to your family use value.
3. The solar pool heating mat can absorb heat in a very short time ,and the heat absorption rate depends on the installation method and the area of use.
4.The main material of the solar pool heating ma is imported epdm and PP ,which is truly UV and ozone resistant.Chlorine-resistant compounds and severe cold weather ,the general use area can not be less than 80% of the pool area.
Product advantage:Independent research and development ,independent brand ,mature process formula ,stable product performance.

How it works:
1. Water is pumped from the pool by multi-pipe solar panels

2. The absorber collects solar energy and releases heat into the water

3. The water is heated as it flows through the solar panel

4. Then the heated water enters the pool

The proper installation of a solar pool heating system depends on many factors.These factors include solar resource, climate, local building code requirements, and safety issues. Therefore, it's best to have a qualified technician install your system or thoroughly read & follow this manual.

STEP #1 Sizing Your Solar Pool Heater
Basically, the surface area of your solar collector should at least equal 70% of the surface area of your pool. ln cooler and
cloudier areas, you may need to increase the ratio between the panel area and the pool surface area. Adding panel square
footage also lengthens the swimming season.

For example, a 15-by-30-foot outdoor swimming pool typically requires the panel that
equals 70% of the pool's square footage to accommodate year-round use. This equals 450 square feet of panels. You can buy enough panels as long as you need.

STEP #2 Siting Your Solar Pool Heating System's Collector
Panels can be mounted on roofs or anywhere near the swimming pool that provides the proper exposure, orientation, and tilt toward the sun. Both the orientation and tilt of the panel will affect your solar pool heating system's performance.

Remember to tilt the whole system just like the pipes on the roof so that water comes in from the lower part of the heating pad and out of the upper part.

Main application areas:
Swimming pool, roof, garage ,porch, cabin,pergola, lawn

How is pool solar heating panel made

Company information

Q1: Can I get one set as a sample to test the Pool Solar Heating Mat ?
A1: Yes,of course. Though our MOQ is 5 sets,we can offer you one or two sets for your test. You can click "buy samples" at the top of the page.Or you can contact us directly to get know detailed sample policy.

Q2: Are you a manufacturer for the pool solar heaters?
A2: We are a factory and have been making the rubber pool solar heaters for 15 years.

Q3: Will it leak when I get the pool solar heating mat?
A3: We do leakage test for each set after assembly and before packing.We will make sure that our customers receive the solar heating mat in good condition.

Q4: Can you make my custom size?
A4: Yes,we can make the length according to your request once your order qty reaches at least 50 sets.

Q5: How many sets should I use for my 12*6*1.2m inground swimming pool?
A5: The solar absorption area should be at least 80% of your pool area. We have solar heating mats with solar absorption area of 2m2,4m2,6m2 and 8m2. If you choose the 4m2 solar heating mat,it will take 12*6*1.2*80%/4= 18 sets for your pool to get an effective temperature raising

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