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Product Overview


Introduction to emulsion concentration meter

The emulsion concentration meter is mainly used for the preparation and detection of the weight percentage concentration of the cooling emulsion in the machining industry and the M-IO MDT emulsion commonly used in mines. It provides a convenient method for the safe and economical preparation of the emulsion, and is widely used in the fields of machining, mining and selection, underground support and so on.

Emulsion concentration meter parameters

Measurement range: MDT 0~15%;

Precision:± 0.1%;

Target magnification: 3 times;

Size and weight :27× 25× 160mm; 0.3 Kg

Emulsion concentration meter maintenance method

Please read the instructions carefully before use. Be sure to handle it gently to avoid violent vibration and impact. Do not scratch the surface of optical parts with hands or hard objects

After each use, it is necessary to reset the zero point before normal use. At the same time, do not let water or the liquid to be measured stay on the optical prism surface for a long time. After use, it is forbidden to wash directly with water or place the instrument in water. Instead, clean the prism and the cover plate with clean wet cotton gauze. After the water is dry, store it in a dry, clean, corrosion-free and pollution-free environment

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