9mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 25mm White Melamine Board chipboard For Furniture Decoration

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Product Overview


E1 Eco-friendly wood panels 1220*2440 mm 4'*8' MFC Board Flakeboards chip board for sale

Product Description

Name :
Particle board / chipboard /flakeboard
Type :
MDP / HMR / log chipboard

Ordinary particleboard is also called particle board, particle board, bagasse board, scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, artificial board that is glued under the action of heat and pressure after applying adhesive, also known as particle board. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing and construction industry and train, automobile carriage manufacturing. Particleboard has a relatively uniform structure and good processing performance, and is a better raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. It can be used directly, and the sound absorption and sound insulation performance are also very good. But it also has its inherent shortcomings, because the edges are rough and easy to absorb moisture, so the edge sealing process of furniture made of particleboard is particularly important. In addition, due to the large volume of particleboard, the furniture made from it is also heavier than other boards.

Interiors Decoration :
wall decor /floor decor /wardrobe decor
tables /office furniture /kitchen

Properties & Advantage :
1. It has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, and particleboard has heat insulation and sound absorption.
2. The interior is granular with a cross-staggered structure, the performance of each part is basically the same, and the lateral bearing capacity is good
3. The particleboard has a flat surface, realistic texture, uniform bulk density, small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, and can be veneered
4. In the production process of particleboard, the amount of glue used is small, and the environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.

Product name
Particle Board  /Chipboard /Flakeboards
Moisture-Proof /waterproof /mould proof /anti-bent 
Main material
Poplar /Pine /Eucalyptus /cedarwood
synthetic resin 
phenolic glue 
uare-formaldehyde glue 
Surface Finishing
Texture / /matte smooth /low gloss /woodgrain embossing  

5 /9 /12 /15 /16 /18 /25 /30mm (+- 0.2 mm)
or customize

General Dimensions
2440*1530mm/5'*8' (+- 0.3 mm)
Water content
E1/E2/ F1 F2 /P1 P2
Melamine laminate Plates /Artificial board
Original place :
Foshan city in China
Embossing texture design
60 kinds different embossing including:matt, rough, leather, wove, flower, high gloss,synchronized embossing, crocodile
texture,corrugated texture

Melamine board hot pressing process :
Hot pressing is a process of heating and pressing the slab after paving to form a fiber board with certain mechanical strength and water resistance. Whether it is wet production of rigid or semi-rigid boards, or dry production of rigid or medium density boards, hot pressing is required to become a board.

Free to choose wood veneer pattern :

Decorative layer pattern
wooden grain / marble stone /cloth grain /customize parttern

Application Scene

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