Composite Plastic Sheet Acrylic ABS PMMA Sheet for Vacuum Forming

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Product Overview


Polyreflex ABS Sheet
Polyreflex manufactures and wholesales different types of ABS sheets, including cut-grade ABS sheets, which are stiffer and flatter to minimize dimensional tolerances. Thermoforming-grade ABS sheet, we improve its composition ratio to improve its toughness and make its thermoforming effect better. In addition, we also have ABS sheets with enhanced performance, such as flame-retardant ABS sheets, heat-resistant ABS sheets, high wear-resistant ABS sheets, etc.

Double color ABS sheet and ABS composite panel are also our hot selling products. Double color ABS sheets are very popular in the advertising industry for making signs. PMMA/ABS composites combine the scratch resistance of PMMA with the superior toughness of ABS, plus good dimensional stability, making them ideal for applications requiring precise dimensional control and low warpage.

Product Type

Standard ABS Sheet
ABS Double Color Sheet
ABS/PMMA Composite


0.3mm - 12mm
15mm - 30mm
31mm - 100mm
105mm - 230mm
1000 x 2000mm, 1220 x 2440mm in stock, size can be customized.
1000 x 2000mm in stock, size can be customized.
1000 x 1220mm in stock, size can be customized.
1000 x 2000mm in stock, size can be customized.
1.06 - 1.1 g/cm3

Smooth and various texture options

Natural, black and white are standard colors, custom colors are available

Texture Options

Friends who are interested in our textured ABS sheets, please feel free to contact us and attach the texture numbers or a screenshot of the texture.

Processing Type

CNC Engraving
Laser Cutting
ABS Mechanical Parts

Vacuum Forming
ABS Luggage
ABS Tray

Thermoforming Service

Polyreflex provides thermoforming service
Send us drawings and we make the mould
Thermoforming your customized ABS products

Heat to soften ABS sheet
Blistering of ABS sheet
Vacuum the air between the ABS and mould


Automotive Interior And Exterior
ABS sheet is lighter than other plastics, vehicles using ABS can reduce vehicle weight by 10%, which can be more fuel efficient. Typically, ABS sheets are used for wheel covers, dashboards, trims, and body parts due to their strength, low temperature resistance, and rough surfaces that are not easy to scratch.

Vehicle Industry
Impact resistance and durability are the characteristics that make ABS sheet ideal for specific applications such as high-speed train carriage, mini-bus, RV, public transit vehicles and other transportation industry needs.

Advertising Display
With the characteristics of thermoplasticity, flexibility and ductility, ABS sheets can be molded into specific shape with varied colors, in addition to being very durable. The vacuum formed ABS products lamilated with PMMA or PC material on its surface can be used outdoor advertising displays without fading or scratching.

Engineering Applications
As the most common thermoplastic engineering plastic, ABS sheet is also used as mechanical gears, bearings, and various knobs.

ABS plastic sheet works well in applications where strength and flexibility are both desired, for example luggages.

Packing & Loading

Why Choose Us

Polyreflex Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
is a large-scale manufacturing kingdom specially for producing lightweight polypropylene sheets, solid plastic sheets and products, which are made of PP, PE, ABS, PVC and TPO/TPE.
Polyreflex factories have a total production area of 89,000 SQM, with 24 production lines. There are 6 factories, respectively located in Dongguan, Yichun, Wuxi, Dalian in China and Binh Duong in Vietnam. The head office is located in Dongguan. Polyreflex sincerely hopes to be your reliable partner to achieve the win-win bussiness by our professional service.

In Polyreflex, you can find various plastic sheets, as well as plastic sheet processing.
Our customized processing services include cutting to size, CNC routing, die cutting, printing, bending, welding, thermoforming, etc. You can get die-cut and printed advertising sign boards made of PP corrugated board, customized turnover box and collapsible pallet box made of PP honeycomb board. We provide cut to size or CNC machining services of PP board, ABS board, HDPE and LDPE board, vacuum forming of thermoplastic sheet TPO, ABS, HDPE, PVC, ABS/PMMA, blow molding into HDPE pallets, and injection molding of PP, HDPE, ABS.

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