New design CATL lithium bettry powered electric mini digger for sale remote control safty hight quality cheap mini excavator (1600739535655)

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     0 emission at the point of use makes our world greener and cleaner


     Quieter than many household appliance, enable you

     to work anytime, anywhere


     maintenance free battery, low electricity cost, no fuel handling


     ability to work at sensitive environments and enclosed space for a

     full shift on a single charge


The innovative new battery powered electric EE10 series mini excavators deliver the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, without any compromise on performance. Its eco friendly, cost effective unique features, togather with traditional charactors such as super compact, sturdiness, durability as well as versatility, make it a perfect machine for environment sensitive and enclosed job sites.

The li-ion batteries require no maintenance, electricity costs a lot less than diesel, and a substaintial reduction in noise, vibration and heat, ensure long lasting comfort and productivity.

The machie shares the same structure, canopy, dig end, hydraulics and controls as the fuel engine powered model performs in exactly the same way with variety of attachment, undercarrier options, but the revolutionary powertrain makes your work greener, safier and easer.


 Electric SystemsBaterry type LFP
Baterry brand CATL
Baterry capacitykW.h6.44
System voltagev48
Intermittent runtime (Continuous)hrs8(4)
Charging On-board charger
Indicative charge time (on-board)hrs8 @110v / 6@ 220v
Off-board fast charge (optional)hrs2@220
Motor type AC 
Motor power (continuous / peak)HP (kw)5.36/8.05(4/6)
Operating PerformanceOperating weight lb (kg)2028(920)
Standard bucket capacitycu.ft (cu.m)0.78 (0.022)
Max. arm digging forcelb (kg)1201(545)
Max. bucket breakout forcelb (kg)1411(640)
Max. traction forcelb (kg)1345(610)
Max.boom cylinder lifting forcelb (kg)584(265)
Unit swing speed(Max.speed)rpm8
*Boom swing angle left/rightdegree65/55
Max travel speedmph (km/h)1(1.63)
Ground contact pressurepsi (kpa)3.48(24)
Track type Rubber
HydraulicsTotal hydraulic flowgal/min (L/min)4.75(18)
Max. operating pressurepsi (mpa)2610(18)
Reservoir capacitygal (ltr)3.17(12)
DimensionsA   Overall transportation lengthft. in. (mm)9'09''(2770)
B   Overall transportation width ft. in. (mm)2'79''(850)
C   Overall transportaion heightft. in. (mm)6'81''(2077)
D   Standard Width of bottom chassisft. in. (mm)2'74''(835)
     * max.extend ft. in. (mm)3'15''(960)
     * min. retract ft. in. (mm)2'49''(760)
E   Track width ft. in. (mm)2'16''(658)
      Rubber widthin. (mm)5.9''(180)
F    *Tops canopy  max. heightft. in. (mm)7'09''(2160)
      *Rops canopy max.heightft. in. (mm)7'02''(2140)
      *Rops canopy min.heightft. in. (mm)5'20''(1585)
G   Max. digging heightft. in. (mm)8'20''(2490)
H   Max. dump heightft. in. (mm)6'04''(1842)
I     Max.diging depthft. in. (mm)5'64''(1720)
J    Max. vertical dig depthft. in. (mm)5'25'' (1600)
K   Max. digging radius @groudft. in. (mm)9'51''(2900)
L    Maximum reach ft. in. (mm)9'71''(2960)
M   blade Max. lift above groundin. (mm)4.7''(120)
N   blade Max. drop below ground in. (mm)9.9''(250)
O   Min. turning radius (mm)4'53''(1380)
P   Front transportation lengthft. in. (mm) 
Q  Rear tansportation lengthft. in. (mm)2'38''(725)
R  Left Horizontal distanceft. in. (mm)1'35''(410)
S  Right Horizontal distanceft. in. (mm)1'57''(480)
T  Min. tail turning radiusft. in. (mm)2'78''(846)


DIMENSIONS      unit: ft-in(mm)
8'11.1" (2720)2'10.5" (875)6'9.8" (2077)2'8.9" (835)2'1.9" (657)7'0.3" (2140)7'108" (2490)6'05" (1842)5'7.7" (1720)5'3" (1600)
4'9.1" (1450)9'10.1" (3000)0'4.7" (120)0'9.9" (250)4'6.4" (1380)2'4.6" (725)1'4.2" (410)1'6.9" (480)2'9.3" (846)
D*:Max. extend/Min retract 3'1.8" (960) / 2'5.9"(760) with optional retractable undercarriage


Packaging & Shipping


Company Information




Wellemac is an one-stop  compact and light duty equipment provider for industries including landscaping, garden, agricultural, Forrest, utility and municipal, as well as general constructions,  which means we can offer a package solution for any jobs in these application - whether you need small digging machines and  small track dumper or a mini trencher or wood chippers,  we will provide you  the best fit and cost effective machines for your needs.  A variety of compact and maneuverable machines with easy-to-use attachments  will definitely assure you the total cost savings .

We strive to make a safe and a green world by investing on technology and design innovation, smart manufacturing and new energy solutions.


 1. Q: Is Lithium iron phosphate battery safe?

         A: The square li-iron phosphate battery made by top EV battery manufacturer, is the safest type of Lithium                battery as they will not overheat and heat-related, failures are extremely rare, and even if punctured                      they will not catch on fire

2. Q: What is the run time?

         A: The standard battery pack delivers 4 hours of continuous use, which is typical of actual machine usage                in a standard full day's work , the EE10 can operate throughout a full 8-hour day, using operator breaks                to recharge the batteries

3. Q: What is the charge time?

         A: The on board charger gives a full charge time of 8 hours@ 110V supply or 6 hours @230V supply. The                  fast charge option has a charging time from empty of 2hours @230V supply

4. Q: How long will the batteries last?

         A: Even after 2000 full charge and discharge cycles (expected to be over 10 years) the batteries still have                over 85% of their capacity left

5. Q: How does the machine perform?

         A: The machine shares the same structure, canopy, dig end, hydraulics and controls as the diesel and                      performs in exactly the same way. The only change is that the power pack changes from a diesel to                      electric.

6. Q: Is there any extra maintenance to do on the battery?

         A: There is no maintenance required on the battery packs at all and daily checks are reduced to a                             minimum; increasing time on site.

7. Q: How can I make the payment?
         A: Sample orders 100% T/T in advance. If mass order, T/T L/C are acceptable.
8. Q:How to install our mini crawler excavator?
         A: we can provide detailed installation video/pictures, or send engineers team.
9. Q: Any other good service your company can provide?

         A: Yes,we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.

10. Q: Can I order mix order?
         A: Yes. of course.
11. Q: How long of the warranty period?
          A: All our products have a 1 year warranty after sale; if any one breaks when it is still under                                       warranty,please just contact us. We'll solving problems properly.
12. Q: How can i believe you and your factory?
         A:Since it is not the little thing to purchase machine, you can come to China to visit us for an inspect, and w            e will welcome you enthusiasm. so we can establish good cooperation with each other.
            reply you in 24 hours, if you are urgent, we can reply you soonest

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