Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots Party King Fruit Flavored Alcohol Vodka Jello Shot

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Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots Party King Fruit Flavored Alcohol Vodka Jello Shot

Product Name:
Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots Party King Fruit Flavored Alcohol Vodka Jello Shot
Assorted Flavors:
Strawberry, Apple, Grape, Pineapple, Mango, Peach etc.
Item No.:
Gross weight:
Shelf Life:
24 months
1) 1*20'FT container=    cartons
2) 1*40'HQ container=    cartons
Mini Crush; OEM; ODM; Lita
Shipment port:
Nantong Port, China; Shanghai Port, China
Delivery time:
20 days after deposit received and packing confirmed by customers
Terms of payment:
T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, West Union, Moneygram, Escrow, Other

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Jelly Shots with pure blueberry flavor are a huge party hit.Favorites,blueberry
citrus and vodka tempt your taste buds
Grapes and distilled vodka are com-
bined to make our classic.,mellow wine
with a subtle fruity aroma your night
needs it
The combination of the refreshing flavor of watermelon and vodka is without a doubt our new summer favorite.Grab a Let's Enjoy Summer Vibe

Orange and vodka,mixed on your tongue for real flavor
The flavors of real vodka and strawberry blend together on your tongue in such a sweet way that you'll find this shot to be more of a virtue than a vice.

We add music,conversation,dancing lights and a whole host of other things to jazz up a house party.
Minicrush Gelatin Shots are the perfect party-starter for tailgates, pool parties,BBQs, and all celebrations.
We add music,conversation, dancing lights and a whole host of other things to jazz up a house party.

Company Profile

keeping up with the market trends,laws and regulations,we research and develop healthy and delicious products.We
has a food research and development(R&D)team,packaging design team,industrial design team and foreign designer
from Spain.We invest 15%of our annual funds in product R&D and patent registration.we can also tailor produc
based on your needs.

Our factory has 10 production lines,5 packaging lines.The annual production capacity is more than 1,000 containers.
We are the most high-quality and cost-effective because of our advantages in short production cycle,fast shipment,
and low production cost control.


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(1) What certificates does your jelly products have?
A: CE Certificate,SGS certificate ISO9001, HACCP, Halal Certificate.
(2) What type of gelatin does Minicrush use?
A: 100% Halal and Gulten-Free.We do not use gelatin or any other
animal ingredients. Only Carrageenan, a natural ingredient deriving from Seaweed will be used. It's extracted from red algae and can preserve well in normal temperature.
(3) How long is the shelf life?
A: The shelf life of our jelly is 24 months.
(4) Do you have any other snacks?
A: Yes, we also have Chocolate Cup ,Gummy Candy(Perfect combination of Chocolate and Biscuits)
(5) How to pay?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P for orders, West Union, Paypal for samples.
(6) What is price term?
(7) What is MOQ?
(8) What is the delivery time?
A: 40 days after deposit received and packing confirmed by customers.
(9) How to ship? Normal container or freezing container?
A: Loading by sea shipping container 20FT or 40HQ Normal container.
(10)Does Minicrush contain any allergens?
A: If an allergen is present in our products, we declare it in the list of ingredients. Carefully look at your product’s package, it will provide all the necessary information to see if your product poses a risk for someone suffering from allergies. We also list all the ingredients that the product may contain or may have been in contact with by using the words “may contain”.
(11)Are these Jello Shots?
A: Yes and no. Many people use the term “Jello Shot” to describe a product like ours. However, JELL-O is technically a brand name. That said, we refer to ours as “gelatin shots”
(12)Can I use the jar as a cooler?
A:You betcha. Just add some ice and you’re shots are ready for the party.
Pro Tip: use crushed ice for an extra frosty celebration.
(13)Is the packaging recyclable?
A:All of our shot cups and multipack jars are made of high-quality food-grade recyclable plastic.
Please do your part and make sure they find the recycle bin after the celebration
(14)Are gelatin Shots vegetarian?
A:Yes, all of our products are made with plant-based ingredients. We’ve spent years creating the perfect balance between exceptional quality and flavor.
Unlike other gelatin shot brands, we’re not really into including animal scraps in our products.
(15)Should I keep them in the fridge or freezer?
A:Actually, because we make our shots with plant-based ingredients, you can store them at room temperature.
We do recommend consuming Jello SHOTS chilled or frozen though, so toss them in the fridge or freezer for a bit before the party.
(16)How many flavors are there?
A:We’re constantly working on the next radical flavor to add to our lineup. Right now, we’ve got 11 flavors with a few more on the way.
Vodka Lineup: Blue Raspberry Smash, Strawberry Slammer, Peach Bottom, Mango Unchained, Watermelon Wiggler, Grape Houdini, Pineapple PandEmonium, Orange-Vanilla Thrilla, Strawberry-Banana Hammock, and White Cherry XOXO.
Minis Lineup: Blue Raspberry Smash, Strawberry Slammer, Watermelon Wiggler, Pineapple PandEmonium, Strawberry-Banana Hammock, and Orange-Vanilla Thrilla.
Whiskey Lineup: Cinnamon Whiskey
Have an awesome idea for a flavor? Contact us with your ideas and we’ll see what we can do
(17)How much alcohol is in each shot?
A:Vodka-Based JELLO SHOTS are 13% ABV or 26 Proof.
Our MINIS are 8% ABV or 16 Proof.
Cinnamon Whiskey Shots are 15% ABV or 30 Proof.
All of our shots are 100% awesome.

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