Industrial scale water screw separator centrifugal disc olive palm oil centrifuge

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Industrial scale water screw separator centrifugal disc olive palm oil centrifuge

Palm Oil Industry
Today, raw palm oil is considered as one of the primary vegetable oil sources in the world. Although, plantation of palm trees for producing palm oil was initially commenced in Africa, today, the highest rate of palm oil production is carried out in Southeast Asia region. Other than Southeast Asia region, countries on the Ecuador zone such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Nigeria are among other countries which produce palm oil in the world.

In the recent years, a significant part of the increased oil demand in vegetable oil and biodiesel industries is being satisfied by palm oil.

Fresh palm fruit bunches (FFB) delivered to the plant are firstly taken to the sterilizer. Steam at 130 degrees temperature is administered to the palm fruit for a period of nearly 45 minutes. Upon completion of the sterilization process the fresh palm fruit bunches are transferred to the thresher to separate the palm fruit from the stalk. Palm fruit separated from its stalk in the thresher is taken to the large cylindrical tanks called "digester" and then delivered from the bottom of these tanks to large presses for pressing process. Raw palm oil is obtained upon the pressing process carried out. This oil is then stored in cylindrical tanks and ran through vibratory sifting equipment and then collected in the tanks located in the subsequent stage. Raw palm oil is transferred to sand arrester equipment for removal of the sand content and then fed to 3-phase decanter directly and raw palm oil is separated into oil, water and solid phases through decanter centrifuges. Oil obtained upon decanter is delivered to vacuum dryer for complete elimination of the small water content. Oil obtained upon vacuum dryer is taken to the storage tanks.palm

Disc centrifuge Specifications


Bowl Speed(rpm)

Capacity(Per Hour)

Running Load(Watts)

Dimensions, Overall (mm)



















The actual throughputs depend on variables such as the amount and type of solid , the temperature , viscosity and degree of separation required. The following figures indicate the rate of performance, although no guarantees are given.Shenzhou Centrifuge Separator representatives or sale man will be please to provide you with further information and details.14

Standard design

The machine consists of a frame that has a horizontal drive shaft with clutch and brake, worm gear , lubricating oil bath and vertical bowl spindle in the lower part.

The bowl is mounted on top of the spindle in the lower part. The bowl is mounted on top of the spindle , inside the space formed by the upper parts of the frame , the ring solid cover, the collecting cover, and frame hood . The feed and liquid discharge system , including the paring disc pump for the heavy phase, also rests on this structure. All parts in contact with the process liquid are made of stainless steel. The bowl is of the solid-ejecting disc type with hydraulic operating system. The electric motor is of the variable frequency drive type or of controlled-torque type.

Basic equipment
 Concentrator or purifier parts, inlet and outlet devices, revolution counter, set of erosion-protective parts ,illuminated sight glass box for light phase outlet , vibration switch , vibration-isolating base plate , flange motor, set of tool and standard set of spare.

Optional extras 

Started equipment, frequency converter, discharge control panel, standard set of fittings, set of CIP valves and fittings and serviceability package for online viewing of separator status  

Material data 

1.Bowl body , hood and locking ring S.S304 

2.Solids cover and frame hood S.S 

3.Frame bottom parts green cast iron , cald with

4.In and outlet parts S.S

5.Gasket and o-ring Nitrile rubber

Disc centrifuge Detail 


DISC (2)1 (67)


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