China Best Price Door And Windows Professional Mounting Gule PU Foam (1600742815061)

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Expansion Waterproof 900g Polyurethane Spray Pu Foam For Building

JU YOU polyurethane foam sealant is an all-purpose sealant product with one component that dispenses approved fireblock (ICC-ES ESR-1926) foam. Designed to be used with the gun foam applicator for greater bead control and adjustable output. All-Purpose is used to fill and seal cracks, holes and joints around a structure – providing airtight insulation that blocks drafts, moisture, insects and other pests.

Product Details

Product Application

Installation of door and windows.
It can be applied to the gap filling, fixing and bonding between door (window) and wall.

Routine maintenance.
Repairment of hole, gap, brick, tiles, floor.

Package & transportation.
It can conveniently pack the precious and fragile products, which is efficient, shock proof and pressure-resisted.

Production & bonding.
It can be used for the production of fireproof door, security door, household door, the bonding of all kinds of compound board with fire proof and thermal insulation material (rock wool, ceramic wool, ultra-fine glass wool, polystyrene foam etc.). It can also be applied to the metal bonding.

Advertising model.
It can be used for the production of model, sand table, repairation of panel.

Leaking stopage & water proofing.
Mending of water pipe, sewer.

It can be used for flower arrangement, gardening. It’s very light and beautiful.

Sound insulation.
It can be applied to the gap filling of language lab, broadcasting studio, which can insulate sound.



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