Датчик дифференциального давления масла и газа, 30 мпа

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FD3051S DP-Differential Pressure Transmitter

The FD3051ST series smart single crystal silicon differential pressure transmitter is a high -precision, high -stability, multi -parameter pressure measurement product, which is in line with the Hart protocol. The digital technology adopted by this product is the latest application results in the field of sensor manufacturing. Combined with the international advanced single crystal silicon core design and manufacturing technology, precision digital temperature compensation and non -linear correction are performed. LCD4 -bit display, standard signal output, the on -site and control room observations. The reliable explosion -proof structure design and standardized signal output, high accuracy and wide range coverage range, suitable for precision measurement of fluid pressure. Hart375 hand operators can perform digital communication, and electromagnetic radiation meets the IEC801 standard.

Signal transmission module of special integrated circuit and surface packaging technology

1. The powerful 24-bit CPU realizes high-precision and fast response LCD display;
2. The low temperature can reach -30 ℃;
3. Key operation can rewrite the range on site.

Super strong transient voltage protection terminal module

1. Powerful personal protection, transmitter security guard;
2. Despite the thunder and lightning, still working steadily.

Brushed stainless steel nameplate on the outside

Used in the requirements of strong corrosiveness to the chemical site and harsh environment.

High-strength metal electrical protection shell

1. Beautiful appearance, showing the beauty of fashion technology;
2. Inner thick and sturdy, meet the most demanding environment.

Original patented fully sealed, fully isolated monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor

1. Precise liquid filling technology eliminates the influence of temperature and static pressure;
2. Double-diaphragm overload protection structure, easily deal with high overload test.

Rugged and high-quality stainless steel process flange

1. Super thick reinforced structure, indestructible;
2. Powerful guarantee of high static pressure and high overload.

FD3051S DP-Differential Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Range
Pressure Type
Differential pressure
Solating Diaphragm
SS316L, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, SS316L gold plated, SS 316L coated FEP
Output Signal
Two Wire 4~20mADC, 4~20mADC with HART
Output Signal
15-36V DC,24V DC
≤ 0.075%, 0.1%F.S
Overload/Burst pressure
150% F.S/200% FS
Long-term stability
±0.1%* Span/3 years
working temperature
Electrical Connection
Standard product ISO M20 × 1.5 female thread; 
ANSI NPT1/2(F) female thread
Process Connection
1.1/4 inch NPT female thread on the splint;
2. 1/2 inch NPT female thread stainless steel oval flange; 
3.M20x1.5 male thread stainless steel T-shaped joint with M20X1.5 to φ14 welded pipe; 
4.NPT1 / 4-M20 × 1.5 adapter, with φ14 welded pipe; 
5.NPT1 / 2-M20 × 1.5 adapter, with φ14 welded pipe
LCD Display
Working Pressure
Static pression16MPa、25MPa、40MPa
Process Material
316 Stainless Steel
Output signal
4mA~20mADC  1V-5VDC  RS485
Explosion Protection
NEPSI : Ex dⅡC T6, Ex iaⅡC T4
Protection Level
About 3.3kg

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