Galvanized square steel pipe galvanized steel sections supplier for building price square pipe 10x10 100x100 steel square tube

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Galvanized square pipe

Products features
With iron, zinc alloy layer, in combination with dense, galvanized square pipe due to the combined firm, zinc iron miscibility,
strong wear resistance, because the zinc has good ductility, and its base alloy layer and steel adhesion strong, pure is the
richest in hot dip galvanized zinc layer a layer of plastic zinc coating, because the zinc has good ductility, the alloy layer and steel base attached firmly.

Product Name
square pipe
Cold/hot rolling

square pipe

Galvanized square pipe is a kind of hollow square section steel pipe with hot rolled or cold rolled galvanized strip steel or galvanized coil as blank after cold bending processing and forming by high-frequency welding made of square section shape andsize, or the cold bending hollow steel pipe done in advance and then hot dip galvanized processing galvanized square pipe.
Galvanized square pipe from the production process is divided into hot galvanized square pipe and cold galvanized square pipe. It is because of the different processing of these two galvanized square tubes that they have many different physical and chemical properties. In general, there are many differences in strength, toughness and mechanical properties.
Cold galvanized square pipe is used on the square pipe to use the principle of cold galvanized to make the square pipe corrosion resistance. Different from hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing coating is mainly anticorrosive through the electrochemical principle, so it is necessary to ensure the full contact between zinc powder and steel, resulting in electrode potential difference, so the surface treatment of steel is very important

Coating types
Galvanized square pipe hot galvanized square pipe and electric galvanized square pipe two categories. Hot dip galvanized square pipe wet, dry, lead-zinc method, REDOX method, etc. The main difference between different hot dip galvanizing methods is in what method is used to activate the surface of the pipe body to improve the quality of galvanizing after acid dip cleaning of the steel pipe. Dry method and REDOX method are mainly used in production, and their characteristics are shown in the table. The surface of electrogalvanized zinc layer is very smooth and compact, and the structure is uniform. It has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

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In order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe and iron pipe in the process of use, galvanized square pipe is
extended. This kind of steel tube not only has the corrosion resistance characteristics of galvanized, but also has the strong corrosion resistance of galvanized which can not be compared to the strong corrosion resistance and is widely used in a variety of strong acid, alkali fog and other strong corrosion environment.

Products application

The main uses of galvanized square pipe
Because the galvanized square pipe is galvanized on the square pipe, so the application scope of galvanized square pipe has been greatly expanded compared with the square pipe. It is mainly used in curtain wall, construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction projects, shipbuilding, solar power generation bracket, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plant,agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, automobile chassis, airport ect.

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