Industrial use exhaust engine gasket sheet (1600745101457)

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Product Overview


Reinforced tinplate composite sheet cylinder head

Product Properties

Standard data
Density g/cm³ 
working temperature ℃ 
Compressibility % 
Recovery ≥ % 
Sealing performance

Cusp no rusty
Tensile strength MPa ≥
Compressive Strength MPa ≥ 
Carbon content ≥ % 
1Ash content <%
With the temperature of 150±2℃,Soaking 20# fluid oil for 5 hours, MPa≥
oil absorption %≤
Thickness-increasing %≤ 
Stripping performance No stripe
Stripping performance No stripe
With the temperature of 15 to 30℃,Soaking 75# kerosene for 5 hours, MPa≥
oil absorption %≤ 
Thickness-increasing %≤
Stripping performance
No stripe
With the temperature of 100℃,Soaking distilled water for 5 hours, MPa≥
water absorption %≤ 
Thickness-increasing %≤ 
Stripping performance 
No strip

Product introduction

It is made of paper and 0.18-0.25mm tinned iron sheet, and is mainly used to make gaskets for various engines, water pumps and air conditioners. The product has good swelling, sealing and long life performance. Mainly used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, engines, water pumps and air conditioners, etc., but also in high-strength gaskets and cylinder gaskets.

Composite gasket sheet
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Material Type
beater paper+tinplate+beater paper
Cylinder head gasket,compressor gasket
Maximum width

This series include:
1) Reinforced non-asbestos Composite Sheet
2) Reinforced non-asbestos Composite Sheet with Both Size Coating Graphite
3) Two or more Layers Steel Inserted Reinforced Non-Asbestos Sheet
4) Reinforced Non-Asbestos Sheet With Both Size Coating Silicon Resin (anti stick)

Available Size:
Thickness:1.0mm ~ 3.0mm
400mm x 1000mm ,500mm x 1000mm ,
500mm x 1200mm ,500mm x 1500mm
510mm x 1016mm ,510mm x 1530mm ,
1000mmx1000mm ,1000mmx1500mm.
Color: Gray, Black
The other size is optional or according to the requirements

We are a supplier factory, environmentally friendly products, customized sizes, and cheap prices.

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Why Choose Us

Process flow & Quality inspection

After the production is completed, we will conduct various tests (tensile test, aging test, oil seal test, compression rebound test) and other tests on the products to ensure that you receive qualified products.

Company Profile

Hengshui Aohong Technology Co., Ltd is a modern high-technology enterprise specialized in production and sales of sealing and heat insulation material with an experience of more than twenty years. We are equipped with the most advanced and complete machines and test facilities to produce high quality various kinds sealing material.

Our products are sealing material series products, mainly sealing gasket sheet, sealing braided packing, Heat Insulation cloth,tape, rope, etc. As sealing material, they're widely used in water,steam, the joints of pipeline, automobile and motorcycle; and in rotary pumps,valves, piston pumps, food, chemical and petrochemical, power station, steel mills and other areas.

Our Client

Packing and Delivery


Q: Are you factory, or only a trading company? 
A: Factory, and our factory is located in Wangtong town, Jing county, Hengshui, Hebei. 
Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:We do leak test for 3 times before packing. 
Q:Could I get some samples, and how?
A: Sure, free sample can be provided for testing quality. Please contact us for samples.
Q:Can we do printing or label printing on the gasket? 
A:Yes, we provide OEM service, please inform us in advance if you need to print brand. 
Q: Can you give me some discount? 
A: Usually the discount depends on the quantity. However we can discuss it. 
Q: What's the payment terms? 
A: Our normal practice: 30% deposit of total amount before production, and 70% balance payment before shippment. However this is open for discussion.

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