Coal mine water passing drill pipe is easy to disassemble, install and drill with fast drilling speed. 89 coal mine water passi (1600745827509)

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Product Overview


Product Features
Vertical shaft speed180
Geological drill pipeMine geological spiral drill pipe
AliasScrew drill pipe
Drilling diameter63-73
Drilling depth500-3000
Drilling angle90
Order number22
Drill pipe diameter18-73
Processing customizationNo
Overall dimensionsSee Products
Whether cross-border exports are exclusively for sources of goods.No
Anti-burst drill pipeWater Prospecting Drill Pipe
Screw drill pipeDrill pipe

The price \\parameters of this product are for reference only. For details, please call 130-2050-3552.This product adopts a new type of T-shaped steel with prestressed winding, which has the characteristics of light weight, high elasticity, not easy to bend, automatic centering function, and stable operation. The drill pipe is connected by spring pin, which is automatically locked and easier to disassemble. It can be used with hand-held pneumatic drilling rig or reinforced coal electric drill, and can drill 8-30 meters, especially suitable for high-density water exploration and gas discharge drilling in mines. Product features of anti-burst drill pipe: when drilling deep holes with long spiral drill pipe, the drill pipe is equipped with a split pin at the same time, which increases the transmission torque and greatly reduces the loss of drill pipe. And it adopts plug-in thread connection, which is convenient and quick to disassemble, good sealing, high tensile strength, high pile quality, etc. Good verticality, easy to remove/install


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