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Product Overview


Best 5-Gallon Water Bottle Electric Pump Dispenser (with USB Charging)
Whether you are at home, in the office or in the wild, bottled water is one of the most healthy ways to replenish water. Unlike sugared drinks, you don't consume a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners. You don't have to worry about any pollutants in the municipal or well water. On the contrary, you get pure water, which is exactly what your body desires. But disposable bottles used alone are wasted. It's good to have healthy water, but is it worthwhile to produce all this garbage? Thankfully, there is a more environmentally friendly solution. You put water in a 5-gallon can and then fill it with a reusable cup or bottle.
But if you use a large jug, it is not practical to pour water. You will eventually spill all over the floor. Instead, most people use a 5 gallon water bottle electric pump dispenser to make it easier to fill them up. In this way, you can carefully allocate the exact quantity required without overflowing. Again, not all distributors are designed equally well. Take a traditional vertical water dispenser, where you put the jar upside down in the shell. The jar itself is very clean; Maybe you got it from a reliable source. But the shell of the water dispenser may become moldy and destroy your water. The small, washable electric water dispenser pump is a safer and more reliable choice.

Product Detail

Product Name
Water Dispenser Pump
PP+Stainless Steel
5 Gallons
Access Location
Product Dimensions
7.0 x 7.0 x 17.0cm
Product Weight
‎3.13 ounces
‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Products Description

* Good Life Helper
Easy to Use Too heavy to lift and flip the water bottle onto the dispense machine. With this elegant water bottle pump, you can enjoy refreshing water by simple installation and touching the switch. No lifting or flipping anymore when you want to replace a new water bottle.It's easy to operate and save your time.
* Operate with One Touch
It is easy that you can touch sticker button to turn water dispenser pump on or off.

* Quantitative Design
There are 3 kinds of water outflow for you choose. 0.2L, 0.4L, 0.6L.
* Safe Material
The materials can through the test of food grade, including main part, stainless steel pipe and hose.

* Fits All Standard Size Bottle
This product perfectly matches different sizes of bottled mineral/pure bottled water. 4.5L 5.0L 10L 11.3L 15L 18.9L...
* USB Charge Plug
The water dispenser pump is charged with USB2.0, the percentage value of the battery is displayed.

* Instructions:
1. Connect the silicone tube and stainless steel tube.
2. Insert the silicone hose to the bottle. Then fasten the pump.
3. Press the button to pump out the water.
4. Press the button again to stop pumping.
5. Charge with the Micro USB cable when out of battery.

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Product Introduction

1. Why buy a 5 gallon water pump dispenser?
Smart electric water bottle pump will make life easier and better! Having this machine to pump the water out makes it hassle-free. Women and even children don't have to lift heavy bottles and can save on the cost of large water dispensers by pressing a button. Food grade water pump, BPA free, no toxic, no smell, with a USB rechargeable battery - fits for 2,3,4,5 Gallon water bottle and other standard size bottles. Makes Life Easier and Better!

2. Are bottle water pump safe?
Although water cooler dispensers could be magnets for bacteria, they are generally safe to use. However, that's only the case as long as you do the work and keep them well maintained. You should clean it once a month at least.

3. Could you introduce a little more about Drinking water dispenser pump?
Automatic water pump, a very simple and economical way to dispense natural water at room temperature. This automatic pump can be used by both children and adults without any complications. It is perfect to have at home or in the office to dispense water comfortably. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and change from one bottle to another without any problems.
The electric water pump is activated by simply pressing the button on the top. Once the top button is pressed, the pump sucks the water from the bottle and serves it through the STAINLESS STEEL tap. To stop serving water, simply press the top button again. This same button is the one that activates and deactivates the operation of the 5 gallon water dispenser pump. It has the capacity to serve 78 litres/hour.
Each dispenser pump comes with a Micro USB charging cable. The battery capacity is 1200mAh which is charged via the USB cable for 3-5 hours to achieve a full charge. At the top, on the activation button, is an LED light that indicates the battery charge status. This light stays red as long as it needs to be charged and turns off when the charge is complete.
It fits over the 5-gallon bottle cap with the valve removed. The silicone tube measures 52cm and is inserted through the valve hole into the bottle. It is suitable for bottles from 11.8 to 20 litres as long as they are fitted with the 5-gallon cap.


1. When you start exporting?
Ningbo General Union Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007 as a wholly operated subsidiary of Market Union Group, a leading trading company in Ningbo City.

2. What's your main product?
We have 4 specialized showrooms for Seasonal & home decoration, outdoor, household and storage supplies. Our exhibition hall is 20000 square meters in whcih there are around 220000 kinds of products.

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