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Product Detials

laser cut service wood
12 inch
Natural wood
laser cutting service/laser cut service wood/wood laser cut
1 piece/plastic bag, or customized packing

Packaging Options

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It enables us to be familiar with these platform's packing and shipping requirements.
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Materials Available

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This part is to introduce the materials that we can work.
For example making a greeting card, it can be laser cut by paper, plywood, felt or bamboo, or even MDF. It really depends on customer's preference. The below materials are the ones we can cut by laser machine.
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1. Raw Material
2. Production

3. Engraving
4. Sanding (please note this is the key to clean finish.)

5. Packing
6. Packing

7. Internal QC
8. Ready for shipment

9. Production area
10. Packing area

Jobs We've Done

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

1. High Precision Laser Cut 3D DIY Buildings. This is a Chinese feature building, we can customize your own unique design. xx :)
2. High Precision Laser Cut 3D DIY Buildings.
We can customize other designs and that's that we are doing now. Just we never show customer's design public.

3. Laser Cutting Wooden Boxes. We also cut other styles of wooden boxes based on customer's designs. As well as wooden lamps.
4. Laser Cut Wooden Ornaments. These are very simple products. Basically we can say we cut all shapes and all kinds of designs, with low MOQ. Feel free to contact us.

5. Laser cut wooden wreath. We also produce meditation mandalas with various designs. As long as it's made by plywood and cut by laser, you can feel safe to check with us.
6. Laser cut puzzles. This is only 1 puzzle we made, we also make world puzzles and country puzzles and many other puzzles. Or puzzle similar products.

7. Laser cut scene + wooden frame. The inner scene is produced by us, then put them into a frame, a beautiful wall art creation. You can see we also stain the wood.
8. Laser cut scene + wood frame. We make such custom products. If you have own designs and need to put into a frame, contact us.

9. Laser cut butterfly. We make such similar customized products
10. Laser cut bear. We make such similar customized products, all kinds of designs.

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