0.8X1.6 mm Anthracite Coal Specification /Anthracite Filter Media MSDS

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Product Overview




0.8X1.6 mm Anthracite Coal Specification /Anthracite Filter Media MSDS     




Product Description

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                                           

     Anthracite Coal filter media is a kind of filter used in water treatment. It can be applied in the treatment of common acid, the middle degree alkali. The product has large surface area, and its various indexes all exceed the Construction Department’s standard. Anthracite filter media is especially selected from the deep well minerals, so it contains the highest percentage of carbon.The raw material is always filtered and washed to make sure that the product can have good effect on water filtration.

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  >>>> Specification of Anthracite Filter Media                                                        





Commonly used specification:

0.6-1.2mm 0.8-1.8mm 1-2mm

3-6mm 4-8mm

Bulk Density0.747g/cm3HAS Rate≤1.28%C78-95%
Breakage≤0.8%Uneven Coefficient1.8-2.0Pb0.045%
Porosity47-53%Mohs Hardness3.2-3.8Cu0.028%
Wear Rate≤0.55%Dust Rate≤2%Zn0.04%

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  >>>> Advantages of Anthracite Filter Media                                                           

1.Particle uniformity with great gloss;high mechanical strength;
2.Perfect wear resistance and long life cycle;
3. Non-toxic and no secondary pollution.
4.Stable chemical performance; insoluble in acid, neutral or alkaline water;
5.High adsorption and faster Filtration
6.Good Separation Characteristics
7.Savings water and power in washing

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  >>>> Application of Anthracite Filter Media                                                           

Undergoing a series of strict processing procedures, the anthracite coal produced by our company is widely used in the water treatment of chemical industry, metallurgy, pyroelectricity, pharmacy, paper-making, printing and dyeing and food industry.

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 >>>> Anthracite Filter Media Packing                                                                          


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