Used in petroleum and chemical industries Attapulgite For Paints attapulgite clay powder attapulgite

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Product Overview


Wholesale supply in China attapulgite clay attapulgite palygorskite

Product Paramenters

White/Gray/Light pink
Free Acid(H2SO4), w%
Water Content Before Leaving Factory
PH(50g/L Suspension)
Heavy metal(Measured in Pb)
100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 1250mesh, etc.

Products Description

Attupulaite Introduction
Attupulaite is also called palygorskite (Palygorskite) or palygorskite. Attapulgite clay has the exchangeable cation, the
exchangeable calcium ions of various attapulgite clay in Jiangsu, Xuyi and other places are 7.5 ~ 12.5mmol/100g, It is
exchangeable magnesium ion amount of 2.5 ~ 7.5mmol/100g. After activation treatment, the
exchangeable cations increased obviously.Its structure belongs to 2:1 type clay mineral. In each 2:1 unit structure layer, the top
angle of a certain distance away from the tetrahedral wafer direction reversed, forming a layer chain.Zeolite water and crystal
water were filled in the channel, and the crystal structure of attapulgite clay was found.

Attupulaite features
1 Good thickening. The paint film is full and can open the pot;
2 Good suspension. Effectively prevent the paint, paint precipitation, stratification;
3 Good shake. Easy to brush, thinning under the action of shear force, and then become thicker after static;
4 Good thixotropy. Direct addition, good compatibility, no need to change process and formula;
5 Good leveling. Shrinkproof hole and fisheye, not easy to flow;
6 Good weather. With strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance;
7 Good insulation. High temperature resistance, heat insulation, insulation;
8 Good environmental protection. Chemically inert, non polluting, inhibit microbial growth, green environmental protection


Petroleum Chemical Industry
Building Materials
Paper Making Paint
Drilling Mud

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