agriculture grade chemical wholesale 15 15 15 compound fertilizer pupuk npk for sale

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Product Overview


agriculture grade chemical wholesale 15-15-15

compound fertilizer pupuk npk for salnpk

npk 15-15-15

Product Models

Balanced basis20-20-20,19-19-19+TE,16-16-16,17-17-17,18-18-18,12-12-17+MgO,20-10-12+2MgO
High nitrogen basis30-10-10,22-5-19+TE,31-11-11,23-6-10,25-7-7+2MgO,20-10-10,25-5-10
High phosphoric basis10-55-10,12-38-10,12-48-810-52-10,18-30-15,10-40-10,12-36-12
High potassium basis10-10-40,11-5-40,15-10-30,13-13-21+2MgO,16-8-32,15-5-20

npk 16-16-16npk_07.jpgnpk 20-20-20npk fertilizer

Product description

NPK is a kind of fertlizer containing two or three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium high N series for start stage and some vegetables like spinach and cabbage. high P series for appling after transplanting and for crops like beans high K series for later stage and crops like potato, tomato, tabacco.
It is usually used as top dressing and can also be used as bese manure and seed manure.This
product is extensively applied to grain crops like paddy, wheat, conn and sorghum and to cash crops including tobacco, tea, cotton, gourds, fruits and vegetables.


1.perfect water solubility
3.Improve quality and output
4.comprehensive nutrient




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