Conical Taper Bearings JL26749F/JL26710 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings Automotive JL26749F JL26710 Auto Roller Bearings SET46 (1600754094619)

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Product Overview


Conical Taper Bearings JL26749F/JL26710 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings Automotive JL26749F JL26710 Auto Roller Bearings SET46


Bearing Details


Conical Taper Bearings JL26749F/JL26710 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings Automotive JL26749F JL26710 Auto Roller Bearings SET46 Introduction :

Product features

  • Single cone (inner ring) for connecting to compatible cups (outer rings, sold separately) to form a complete single tapered roller bearing

  • Supports both radial and axial loads between a rotating and non-rotating member

  • Operating temperatures range from -54 to 120 degrees C (-65 to 250 degrees F)

  • Stamped steel cage evenly spaces rollers for reduced friction, vibration, and noise

  • Open configuration for lubrication applied in place

   14118/276 Taper roller bearings

Taper Roller Bearings.jpg


Main specifications :

  • Item NumberJL26749F/JL26710 

  • Also known asJL26749F/710

  • CategoryTapered Roller Bearing Single Row

Weight and Dimensions :

  • Inner (d) MM32

  • Outer (D) MM53

  • Width (B) MM15

  • Inner (d) Inch1.2598

  • Outer (D) Inch2.0866

  • Width (B) Inch0.5906

  • Weight (kg)0.12

Product Properties :

  • PrecisionStandard Precision

Bearing No.SET No.Boundary Dimensions(mm)Basic Load Rating (KN)Weight
LM11749/LM11710SET 117.46239.87813.84314.60510.66825.4260.0858
LM11949/LM11910SET 219.0545.23715.49416.63712.06530.6320.122
M12649/M12610SET 321.4350.00517.52618.28813.9739.140.70.169
L44649/L44610SET 426.98850.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.119
LM48548/LM48510SET 534.92565.08818.03418.28813.974858.50.25
LM67048/LM67010SET 631.7559.13115.87516.76411.81135.843.10.175
M201047S/M201011SET 739.68873.02525.65422.09821.33663810.441
L45449/L45410SET 82950.29214.22414.73210.66828.937.20.113
U298/U261L+RSET 934.98764.97518.120.614   
U399/360L/K426898 SET 1039.68873.02519.39522.09815.265   
JL69349/JL69310 SET 113863171713.542.558.20.201
LM12749/LM12710 SET 1221.98745.23715.49416.63712.06530.134.60.116
L68149/L68110SET 1334.98859.13115.87516.76411.93835.748.50.167
L44643/L44610 SET 1425.450.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.128
07100/07196 SET 1525.450.00513.49514.269.52526.728.80.12
LM12749/LM12711 SET 1621.98645.97515.49416.63712.06530.134.60.121
L68149/L68111 SET 1734.98859.97515.87516.76411.93835.748.50.175
LM102949/LM102911 SET 1845.24273.43121.4319.81215.6253.5750.33
U399A/U365L+RSET 2039.68879.9719.422.1    
1988/1922 SET 2128.57557.1519.84519.35515.87548.857.10.227
LM67045/LM67010Z SET 2231.7559.13115.87518.511.81144.646.70.19
LM104949E/LM104911SET 2350.882.5521.5922.22516.5161.284.30.42
JL68145/JL68111Z SET 24356015.87518.46 35470.183
JLM506848E/JLM506810SET 25559023  791110.586
JLM104946/JLM104910Z SET 26508221.5  71960.432
LM67048/LM67010BCE-90011 SET 2731.7559.13115.87516.76411.81135.843.10.175
J15585/15520 SET 282857.1517.46217.46213.49550.154.50.2
JLM67042/LM67010 SET 302759.13115.87516.76411.81144.646.70.21
LM12748F/LM12710 SET 3421.4345.23715.49416.63712.06530.134.60.118
LM603049/LM603012 SET 3645.24279.97419.84219.84216.66757.173.50.4
LM603049/LM603011 SET 3745.24277.78819.84219.84215.0857.173.50.37
LM104949/LM104911 SET 3850.882.5521.5922.22516.5161.284.30.42
JLM506849A/JLM506811 SET 425590252320.5791110.58
15123/15245 SET 4331.756218.16119.0514.28844.650.70.23
L44643X/L44610 SET 4425.450.29214.22414.73210.66831.2370.128
LM501349/LM501310 SET 4541.27573.43119.55819.81214.73257.8730.33
JL26749F/JL26710 SET 4632531515.205   0.121
LM102949/LM102910 SET 4745.24273.43119.55819.81215.74855.678.10.32
02872/02820 SET 5028.57573.02522.22522.22517.4625565.70.477
15106/15245 SET 5126.9876219.0520.63814.28846530.29
25580/25520 SET 5244.4582.93123.81225.419.0576.5990.55
25580/25523 SET 5344.4582.93126.98825.422.22576.5990.6
25590/25520 SET 5445.61882.93123.81225.419.0576980.54
25590/25523 SET 5545.61882.93126.98825.422.22576980.58
LM29748/LM29710 SET 5638.165.08818.03418.28813.9742.956.50.247
31594/31520 SET 5734.92576.229.3728.57523.81280.897.30.632
LM48548A/LM48510 SET 5834.92565.08818.03418.28813.974858.50.25
LM48548A/LM48511A SET 5934.92565.08821.08218.28817.0184858.50.28
LM48548/LM48511A SET 6034.92565.08821.08218.28817.0184858.50.27
11590/11520 SET 6115.87542.86214.28814.2889.53217.817.70.098
17887/17831 SET 6245.2379.98519.84220.63815.086278.50.401
M88048/M88010 SET 6333.33868.26322.22522.22517.46256.171.10.38
HM903249/HM903210 SET 6444.4595.2530.95828.57522.2251001220.99
M86647/M86610SET 6528.57564.29221.43321.43316.6755.270.70.342
368S/362 SET 6650.8902022.22515.87579.595.80.507
HM88649H/HM88610 SET 6734.92572.23325.425.419.84263.583.50.5
497/493 SET 6885.725136.52530.16229.76922.2251342001.55
LM501349/LM501314 SET 6941.27573.43121.4319.81216.60457.8730.36
LM29749/LM29710  SET 7038.165.08818.30418.28813.9743.5570.247
15101/15245 SET 7325.46219.0520.63814.28844.650.70.296
387A/382A SET 7457.1596.8382121.94615.87580.51000.599
387A/382S SET 7557.1596.83825.421.94620.27580.51000.669
387AS/382A SET 7657.1596.83821.00121.94615.87580.51000.59
388A/382 SET 7757.53198.4252121.94617.82580.51000.63
55200C/55437 SET 7850.8112.12530.16220.90920.6381111491.34
56425/56650 SET 79107.95165.136.51236.51226.9881953202.63
U497/U460L+RSET 8085.725136.52530.16229.76922.2251342001.55
HM88542/HM88510SET 8131.7573.02529.3727.78323.0274.31010.603
LM104949/JLM104910 SET 8250.88221.97622.2251771960.42
HM803149/HM803110 SET 8344.4588.930.16229.3723.0296.51290.85
HM807040/HM807010 SET 8444.45104.77536.51236.51228.5751391921.64
25880/25820 SET 8536.48773.02523.81224.60819.0585940.45
399A/394A (seal)SET 8668.26211023.21821.99618.82485.51130.75
07100/07196 SET 8725.450.00513.49514.269.52526.728.80.12
LM11949/LM11910 (seal)SET 8819.0545.23716.28116.63712.06528.528.90.12
M12649/M12610 (seal)SET 8921.4350.00518.31318.28813.9738.5400.17
13658/13621(seal)SET 9038.169.01219.81219.0515.08349610.28
LM29748/LM29710(seal)SET 9138.165.08818.79618.28813.9742.5550.23
L44643/L44610(seal)SET 9225.450.29214.93514.73210.66827.6320.13
LM48548/LM48510(seal)SET 9334.92565.08818.79618.28813.9747.557.50.25
LM67048/LM67010(seal)SET 9431.7559.13116.63716.76411.81134.541.50.18
2580/2523 SET 9531.7569.8523.81225.35719.056981.50.45
3984/3920 SET 9866.675112.71330.16330.04823.8131111671.14
HM89446/HM89410 SET 10034.92576.229.3728.57523.0278.51060.64


Automotive Wheel Bearings suggested models  : 

Roller Bearings.jpg217.jpg263.jpg309.jpg


Bearing Pictures


Pictures for Tapered Roller Bearings  :     


Taper Roller Bearings (9).jpgTaper Roller Bearings (11).jpgTaper Roller Bearings (14).jpgTaper Roller Bearings (15).jpgTaper Roller Bearings (16).jpgTaper Roller Bearings (34).jpg




tapered roller bearing SET Bearings Package :

Original Package:

    1):Inner Plastic Bag+ Paper Box + Carton(+Pallet);

    2):Small sizes:Plastic Tube + Carton

    3):Big sizes:Wooden Case    

Bearings delivery time :

 We will prepare your order as soon as possible.

    1)2-3 days for ex-stock

    2)6-10 days for others

 Taper Roller Bearings (31).jpg


Application for tapered roller bearing SET series :

•Agriculture, Construction and Mining Equipment
•Various Axle Systems
•Conveyance Vehicles
•Gear Box, Engine Motors, Reducers


Tapered roller bearings 750A/742



Bearing Knowledge

 Bearing assembly rules:                                                                                                                         

Bearing during assembly should be assembled in accordance with the requirements below'll tell you about what bearing assembly principle:

(1) the assembly process, to make the center line of the shaft and the bearing hole coincide. Should the tilt, installation difficulties, but will also cause indentation, journal bending, or even cause the bearing inner ring fracture.

(2) does not allow hand hammer directly beat the bearing outer ring, the inner ring.

(3) heating the assembly of a large amount of interference and medium-sized bearing should avoid bearing direct bearing contact with the oil temperature is much higher than the bottom, in order to avoid local overheating leaving the rolling element and the inner and outer ring raceways annealing lose their hardness .


Tapered roller bearings 750A/742.jpg



Bearing Catalog.jpg 


 Company General Introduction :  


Company name                    Shanghai Shengyue Bearing Co.,Ltd
Business type                                  Manufacturer & Trading
Established year                                         2012
Business product                             All kinds of bearings 
OWN Brand                                           SYBR
Export range                                       81%-90%
OEM service                                           Offer 
        Our                                           advantages

1. More than ten years bearing products exporting experiences.

2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.

3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided. 

4. A certain number of free sample can be provide to support our customer's after-sale services and warranty.



 Trading Information :  

Price terms 

                             EXW FOB CNF CFR, CIF 

Payment terms                              L/C ,T/T ,Western Union, Paypal
Express way                             DHL FEDEX TNT UPS 
Shipping port                        shanghai ,qingdao ,ningbo, guangzhou 

1.Industrial packaging: plastic bag + kraft paper + carton + plywood pallets; 

   plastic tube + carton + plywood pallets; 

2. Commercial packing: 1pc/plastic bag + color box + carton + plywood pallets 



 Our Factory : 


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Our Cooperated Customers & our Team : 


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