Popular Fiber Ball Filter/ polyester fiber ball use for swimming pool 700g box

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Product Overview



 3040 Fiber ball (6)


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Product introduction 

Modified Fiber Ball’s surface has a strong adsorption capacity to oils and organic debris, using a new sterilization fiber ball, run-time filtering layer porosity along the flow direction became smaller and smaller, forming a more ideal filter on the Large under the distribution of small pores, its filter effect is good, filtration rate is very fast, up to 25-30m / h, the filter only need to add about 10% a year, without replacement. modification of silk fibers with hydrophilic dredging oily can be washed repeatedly, it has a nature of regeneration ,.So far it is an best ideal material for dealing with oil, refined to the filtration equipment.

Fiber ball (1)Fiber ball (3)


Analyze projectTest dataAnalyze project  Test data
 density  1.38g/ cm3  Filling density  75-90 kg/ m3
  Filtration speed  20-85m/h  Surface  3000m2/ m3
  Cut the dirt ability  6-10kg/ m3  Porosity  96%
  Ball diameter  25mm,30mm  Ball appearance  White oblong-elliptic



1. Light, High Strength, stable chemical and physical performance
2. High porosity with changeable micropores, no blocking by biofilm
3. Large specific surface area, strong activity, good effect
4. Ideal filter layer distribution with upper low density layer and high density bottom layer, good adsorption in deep layer


5. Little head loss, no hardening of filtering layer
6. Removing rate of seston and oil: 82-95%
7. Better filtering velocity, lager mud interception, long work period, easy to backwash;




12.5kg woven bag or 500g/700g box.

Fiber ball (4)Fiber ball (2)Fiber ball (6)



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