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1 degreasing tanks, 2 alkaline etching tank, 1 neutralizing tank, 4 anodic oxidation tanks,1 for preparing 2 colouring tanks,1sealing tanks, 13 rinsing tanks, 2 oxidation overflow tank,1 hot rinse tank.

EOE series oxidization power supply is a kind of preferential rectifier applicable to aluminum anodic oxidation. It is composed of primary thyristor for voltage regulation and auxiliary six-phase half-wave rectification output. It is a new generation of China-made power supply equipment to substitute imported product and is leading in China as well as in the world. Main parts include primary thyristor,rectifying transformer, auxiliary rectifying silicon, pulse trigger system and air-cooling system.

Main technical features: main transformer composed of five cores made of orientation silicon iron, without balance reactor energy-saving structure.
1. High reliability and high efficiency transformation, low temperature rising;

2. Output voltage 0-24V stepless voltage regulation (input voltage380V±5%).

Negative double-pulse trigger is used for thyristor, safe and reliable;
Precision time counting (0-99h) and soft start-up (0-180s) are set;

Auto current stabilizing, voltage stabilizing, timing alarm, phase-deficiency protection, over-current protection and overheat
protection functions;
d、Main circuit breakdown short-circuit protection and lock function is provided to efficiently protect main transformer.

Air cooling system: forced cooling by axial-flow blower

Main properties and advantages:

Transformer with sufficient output and low noise; high output designed voltage (24V),low actual working voltage (16-18V);
rectifier thyristor (SCR) under intensive control permanently, to enrich the output pulsating and quickly form an oxidized firm with high hardness and good density over the surface of aluminium profiles (power filter is recommended as it has influence to the power grid).

It meets the requirements of long-term full-load continuous operation, with stable and reliable operation and convenient

The framework is made of square pipes after anti-corrosion spraying treatment, to meet the environmental requirements of workshop,with a small size and beautiful appearance.

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Provide the best factory building support and machine design technical support, 
and after-sale support machine usage guide instruction, and field video guide. 

If necessary we can send professional technicians there.

Company Introduction

Jiangyin Giansun Aluminum Profile Complete Plant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which belongs to Giansun Group, is a professional manufacturer of aluminum profile production machine and equipment related to aluminum profile produce. Based on large market share and widely ranged customers, the product made by our factory, such as log/billet furnace body, mould die oven, aging furnace, profile saw, remainder disposal machine, single/double puller, cooling system, etc. and press machine part like container, press rod and hole punching needle, is reputed at home and abroad.


1. What's the delivery time of your aluminum extrusion machine?

For ordinary small-sized machine such as saw, 30 days; middle-sized machine such as heating furnace, 45-50 days, for big-sized machine such as cooling system/profile handling system, 60 days. We could also design and make the whole production line for our customer, around 3-6 months.

2. What’s your ordinary shipment method?

We can deliver the machine by land, or by ocean.

The Whole Aluminum Extrusion Production Line

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