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Product Overview


Product Description

Barium Titanate(BaTiO3) single crystal product description
Barium Titanate(BaTiO3) single crystal is an excellent photorefractive material which has high SPPC (Self pumped Phase Conjugation) reflection and two wave mixing (optical amplification) efficiency, It is important for information processing and image storage.Besides that it is also an important substrate material for some special film as its unique ferroelectric and other properties.

Product Paramenters

Barium Titanate(BaTiO3) single crystal Specifications
Crystal Structure
Tetragonal(4m) 13oC
Cell parameter
a=3.99Å,c=4.04Å,(at 26 oC)
Melting Point
1891 oK
6.06 g/cm3 (at 26 oC)
Specific Heat
Thermal conductivity
6 W/m·k(300°K)
Thermal expansion
15.7∥a 6.2∥c
Dielectric constant(εr)
εa=3000 εc=800
Growth Method
TSSG(Top Seeded Solution Growth)
Index of Refraction
515 nm
633 nm
800 nm
Transmission wavelength
0.43 - 6.30 um
Electro Optic Coefficients
rT13=8+/-2 pm/V
rT33=105+/-10 pm/V
rT42= 1300+/-100 pm/V
Reflectivity of SPPC
50-70 % (Ce: BaTiO3) for lamda = 515 nm
( at 0 deg. cut )
40-60% (PureBaTiO3) for lamda = 515 nm
50-80 % (Ce: BaTiO3) for lamda = 633 nm
40-60% (PureBaTiO3) for lamda = 633 nm
Two-wave mixing coupling constant
10-40 cm-1
Absorption loss
Lamda: 515 nm 633 nm 800 nm
a: 0.285cm-1 0.108cm-1 0.033cm-1
Wavelength range for photo refractive effect
Undoped BTO :for visible

Product Advantage

The followings are important for the use of BaTiO3, both for the bulk device and substrate:
1.The tetragonal BaTiO3 single crystal (the useful phase for both photorefractive effect and substrate) will change the phase when its temperature is lower than 13℃ or higher 125℃, so it is necessary to keep its temperature in the safe range during its using, storage and transportation.
2.The extra force such as compacting, cracking will cause a phase transition.
3.Poling is needed for (001)orientation substrate, while is not necessary for (100)、(110)、(111)orientations.
4.Normally the maximum size for BaTiO3 substrate is 10x10mm; the thinnest thickness is 0.3mm.

Product application

Barium titanate crystal substrates have excellent photorefractive properties, high self-pumped phase conjugate reflectance and two-wave mixing (optical amplification) efficiency, and have huge potential application prospects in optical information storage.They are also important substrate material.
Barium titanate crystal substrates are used in the following applications:
– Optical information storage
– Uncooled sensors for thermal cameras

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