Bespoke size animal zoo outside advertising inflatable goat balloon decorations for sale

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Product Overview


Product Description

Bespoke size animal zoo outside advertising inflatable goat balloon decorations for sale
Brand Name
customized  ,                              1meters --20meters tall     ( 3ft--70ft tall)
optional,  logo or words printing customized
Pvc coated oxford cloth,nylon ,210Tpolyester ,pvc tarpaulin,420D oxford clothe
All the inflatables can be installed color changing LED inside
Lead Time 
1-10 days for sample ; large order depend on actual order quantity
Air blower(110V-120V/220V-240V), ropes,Sandbags,repair kits,takebag,instruction
Applicable scene
Promotion / exhibition / event/party/holiday /club/stage decoration advertising/event/party/club/performance/amusement park/rental business/wedding/kindergarten /family center /party usement park /online shop,dancer festival music event stage background decoration props,
Rental business, amusement park, parties, parks, playing center, outdoor entertainment, Christmas day decoration,halloween day decoration,Easter ,Hanukkah,Thanksgiving day,Valentine's Day,backyard fun and any other business functions.
Custom design
Payment terms
T/T ,Trade Assurance,Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram,Cash
By express(DHL,UPS,FEDEX)
By sea
By air cargo

1.Easy set up and dismantle (user manual furnished together)
2.Light and small after deflated
3.Easy to store and transportation with lower cost
4. Flexible, removable and good effect for performance
5.High durability & high tear strength
6.Re-usability, long lifetime & cost effective
7.All the inflatables can be made customize.
8.We are inflatable factory

1. inflatable costumes need battery to supply power, the quotation DO NOT include the battery,
because battery is prohibited to transport by air,so you need to buy the battery in your local,
the battery is 12V9A,or 12A6A,or 12V12A.
2.the quotation donot including your local customs duties.

Details Images

We will supply the anchor ropes,air blower,sandbag,and take bag freely together with the inflatables. if need,we can instal LED lighting inside the inflatable.
The blower will be 110V or 220V ,and right plug for your country.

Anchor point
Built in air blower
Anchor point

8mm fixed ropes
Take bag

color changing led strip with remote control
color chaning led strip with remote control
color changing led bulb with remote control

External blower
Sky dancer air blower
Plastic base blower

Packing & Delivery

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Design & Production

  Client's image-->3D mock up -->sewing-->Finished work

the size,the style,the printing,all can be made customzied

Artwork Guidelines:

The quality of your imprint depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us!
Artwork should be in vector file (vector graphics files store the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image as a mathematical

Why should I have my artwork in a vector format?

We can separate it from the background and pull apart elements.
We can edit colors.

It can scale to fit a billboard and won’t lose quality.
It can be created in outlines so the font never loads differently.

All fonts should be converted to outlines/paths.
Artwork should be submitted at actual size of finished products.

Please submit artwork in Adobe Illustrator vector format. Convert all text to outlines. If a placed/imported Adobe Photoshop type image is necessary, that original file should be included. The Photoshop file (TIFF or JPG) should be at least 300 dpi or higher and the art to size.
Flat files:
The following artwork will show how artwork needs to be submitted, please see the following Sample:

Customer Photos & Reviews

Why Choose Us

We are inflatable factory,

We can make all the inflatables customized for you!


If you have a question that this page has not dealt with, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.


All of our inflatables need a continuous power supply.
The exact power requirement for each item is stated in its spec sheet.we will supply the right power requirement fan.


* Blower(s) with a safety steel cable
* LED light bulb or strips if requested
* A hanging/ rigging solution/ropes if required. Either with clamps to attach the inflatable to scaffold or trussing, or steel
cables to run to a rigging point
* Sand bags for ballast if required


Most of our inflatables are suited for inside and outside use, however they need to be carefully secured as described in the
installation instructions. If an item is not suitable it will be mentioned on the item page and on the price list.


We use different types of blowers which range between 70-90db, this is similar to an air-conditioning system. In most large venues
this will be barely noticeable. We have installed inflatables at gala dinners, mediation events without issues. In general we
advise the public to be at least 3m from the blowers.


The inflatables can be easily illuminated from within and upon request, we can provide internal lighting. LED single light bulb
which can be installed on the blower. we can also instal led strips inside the inflatables.


Our inflatables are very simple to install. In most cases simply follow the steps below:
* Install the blower in the inflatable
* Attach the blower to the rigging point/ trussing, or place on the ground
* Plug in the blower
* Once inflated make sure the inflatable is secure, tying off extra rigging lines if needed (outside use mainly)
* Done!

For each individual Item we provide a brief installation manual.


TT transfer,Western union,Trade assurance are all ok for us.
First contact us,
We will provide you with a quote for an inflatable or your own design. If you are interested in requesting a quote please include
the following information:
* The exact scale
* The design (drawn in 2d or 3d if possible)
* The deadline
and we will make 3D mock up for your confirmation before production.
after details confirmed,30% as deposit to start order,when goods ready,we will take photos for your confirmation ,then balance and


Inflatables are in most cases relatively small and lightweight to transport when deflated. We arrange the shipment by sea,by air
or by express door to door to your hand.

Congratulations! You now
own the best-built cold-air inflatable available. By following these instructions, you will learn how to quickly and safely
install your custom shape inflatable. You will also learn how to keep it clean and in good condition providing you with years of
fun and service.
We recommend that you do a practice inflation before you arrive at your first real event to ensure smooth operation. Please read
all instructions carefully before use.
Choosing the Site:
Check out the intended site (rooftop, or ground surface) in advance to make sure there are enough places to tie down, and that you
have access to electrical power, etc… check for power lines, tree branches, telephone poles, or anything that will interfere with
the inflation process. At a minimum, be sure the display area for your inflatable is at least as square as the inflatables tallest
dimension (ideally you should allow even more room then that). Cover all sharp edges that could damage or puncture the inflatable
(old carpet works best).

When on the ground, look for solid, stable tie down points. If you’re in the middle of an empty parking lot with nothing to tie
down to, we suggest using sand bags or large weighted barrels. Never tie to anything you can move yourself, it will not be strong
enough to hold the inflatable.
When on rooftops, never tie to flimsy or frail structures such as electrical conduits. If it is necessary to install anchor points
in the building, make sure to contact the building owner or the roofing company before hand.
Be careful not to tie to anything with sharp edges that could cut you tether lines. If the tie points have rough or jagged edges,
be sure to protect the rope from fraying, wearing, or being cut by covering sharp edges at the tie down points with carpet scraps.

Setting Up Your Inflatable
Locate a power source within reach of the extension cord provided. Mark the circuit breaker so that it will not be turned off
accidentally. If your inflatable was purchased with a lighting system, make sure the circuit will not be overloaded when it is
turned on. Make sure any electrical connection points are above water level to prevent shorting out the electrical system.

Place the tarp in the desired location. Unpack the inflatable from its storage bag. Place the base in the center of the ground
tarp. Determine the best viewing position of the inflatable (the front of the inflatable is usually opposite of the blower vent on
an inflatable equipped with internal blowers, and opposite of the inflation tube and blower on an inflatable with external

Tying Down Your Inflatable
The key to a smooth inflation is estimating, before inflation, the length of the rope necessary to secure the inflatable when it
is filled. If the ropes are too long, the inflatable will flop around as it tries to stand up and may even be damaged if it is
windy. If the ropes are too short, they will keep the inflatable from inflating fully. All of the rope is pre cut for you in short
and long lengths. The short lengths are used for the base and any other lower section D-rings, and the longer ropes will be needed
for the upper D-rings.

Each inflatable has a unique shape, size, number of rows of D-rings and the number of D-rings. A
general rule is, you can’t have too many ropes on the inflatable, but you can have too few. Tie a rope to

every reinforced D-ring and tie the other end of the rope to something secure. Use them all! The ropes should be tied tightly and
firmly to give the inflatable a firm foundation, especially the base ropes.

If you are setting up where you can put stakes in the ground, you can position your tie down points exactly where you want them.
However, when on the roof or in a parking lot, you may not have an ideal number of tie down points located where you want them.
Attach as many ropes to as many reinforced D-rings as possible. For example, you should have some tie down or anchor points close
in for the base lines, and some tie down or anchor points further out for your upper lines.

Note: A single tie point can be used to secure more than one tether line. Sometimes it is necessary to extend tether lines to
another level on the building or even to the ground level where they may be attached to trees or ground posts, etc.

You are now ready to tie down your inflatable. It is best to start at the bottom of the inflatable and work your way up. We
recommend that you use a Bowline Knot to attach the ropes to the D-rings, and an adjustable trucker’s knot to secure the ropes to
the tie down points, however, any knot will do.

1. Tie a short rope to each base D-ring at the very bottom of the inflatable (next to the floor) and attachthe other end of the
rope to a sturdy tie down The “base line” ropes are very

important and they should be tied tightly since they “anchor” the inflatable. They should extend straight out from the base of the
inflatable. Once these lines are tied they do not need to be readjusted.
2. Mostcustom shape inflatables have only upper and lower D-rings to tie Use your short ropes on the lower D-rings and your
longer ropes on the upper D-rings. If there are D-rings in the middle, use more short ropes. All of your tie down lines, with
the exception of the base lines, should be tied at a 45º angle providing the most stability. The upper lines will require
adjustments as the balloon inflates.
3. Next, locate the top of the inflatable and make sure the deflation panel is closed, if applicable (not all inflatables will
have a Velcro deflation panel). If installed, each deflation panel has a ripcord attached to it on the inside of the
inflatable. The cord hangs down from the top of the inflatable to the bottom of the envelope and should exit through a small
Velcro flap, which makes it accessible from outside the inflatable. As a safety precaution, you may wish to tie the deflation
line securely to something stationary. This way, if the inflatable moves very far or breaks away in a high wind, it will

Attaching Banners:
If you have a banner, place the banner on the inflatable at this time using the Velcro and/or clips provided. It is best to work
from the center of the banner outward toward the corners.

Inflating Your Custom Shape Inflatable
Check all ropes to insure they are not tangled and that they are tied securely to the inflatable and to solid tied points. Make
sure the zipper is closed. Do not inflate the inflatable unless ropes are tied securely to all reinforced D-rings and solid tie
points. You are now ready to inflate. If your inflatable has an internal blower, you need only to plug it in to the extension
cord. If your inflatable has an external blower, attach the inflation tube at the bottom center of the blower opening. Plug the
blower into the extension cord or power outlet and turn it on. Do not attempt to inflate in high winds.
TAKE DOWN THE INFLATABLE IN WINDS UP TO 15 MPH. It is required to anchor down all base loops and any high d-rings to secure the
unit safely. When inflating on concrete please use 50 lb sand bags per anchor location.
Walk around the inflatable several times as it inflates, adjusting and checking for tangled lines. If the inflatable is loosely
secured or the upper lines are too long, the inflatable may flop around or fall over during inflation. Tighten and adjust all
tether ropes evenly until the inflatable stands upright and is not crushed down on its base. This may require several trips around
the inflatable, adjusting ropes until you are more familiar with estimating the proper lengths.
Dear Inflatable Owner,

Please make a note of this important maintenance tip concerning your cold-air inflatable product .
Do not pack up your cold-air Inflatable wet or damp!

This has been a common error of many of our owners in the past. Three problems can occur:
1. In a new inflatable, before the colors have had a chance to settle and lock into the fabric, packing up the inflatable could
cause the colors to run onto other fabric. This seldom occurs, but it can happen.
2. Mildewwill certainly grow on the fabric when it is packed up wet and left for any period of Once mildew has gotten on a
fabric, almost nothing can be done about it.
3. Moisture can damage the coating of the fabric over the long-run. Bleeding or mildew is not covered under warranty because
fabric may bleed or mildew if it is stored, folded, or packed up when wet. This includes leaving the inflatable deflated when
wet. We buy the best fabric available, yet many fabrics will bleed when stored or left wet. Since this is beyond our control,
it is not covered under

The best way to dry an inflatable thoroughly is to totally inflate it for a long time on a dry day.
You may also need to temporarily stretch the inflatable out somewhere… a garage, basement, or
wherever this is still much better than packing it up wet.

Deflating Your Custom Shape Inflatable

Do not release any tie-down ropes before deflating the inflatable.

If applicable, always turn off the lights allowing them to cool and then remove the lighting system from the inflatable prior to
deflation. Failure to cool the lights before deflating the inflatable can result in damage to the inflatable.

Unplug the blower and open the zipper to remove the lighting system. Then, if applicable, pull the deflation panel cord(s) firmly
until it stops to ensure that you have completely opened the Velcro sealed rip panel. The inflatable will quickly lose its air.
Disconnect the blower inflation tube. Gather the inflatable as it deflates and pile it onto the center of the tarp to keep it
Do not attempt a deflation in unusually high winds!
Always be safety conscious first!

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