glyoxylic acid monohydrate 563 96 2 Cosmetic Grade Glyoxylic Acid C2H2O3 glyoxylic acid

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Product Overview


Glyoxylic acid is a very important organic synthesis intermediate in modern fine chemical and chemical pharmaceutical industries. Its downstream products involve many fields such as medicine, pesticide, perfume, antibiotic, daily chemicals, etc.

In recent years, the market demand of glyoxylic acid has been expanding, but the purity of glyoxylic acid is low. With the deepening of refinement in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the demand for high-purity glyoxylic acid products is growing. At the same time, glyoxal is contained in the general production process of glyoxylic acid, which is seriously harmful to human body. Since 2010, the import of glyoxal containing glyoxal products has been restricted in Europe and other places.


Qualified products

Premium grade

content %≥



Glyoxal %≤



Oxalic acid %≤



Formic acid %≤



Maleci acid %≤



High purity:

The product is a white solid, the purity of glyoxylic acid monohydrate is more than 98%. Customers can specially order products with purity over 99.5%. It can greatly improve the yield of downstream reaction, reduce the occurrence of side reactions and improve the quality of downstream products. Widely used in perfume, cosmetics, medicine and other high-end fields.

No glyoxal:

Glyoxal content is zero. Glyoxal is harmful to human body. Since 2010, the import of glyoxylic acid products containing glyoxal has been restricted in Europe and other places. Different from other production processes taking glyoxal as raw material in China, we adopt ozone oxidation process. Glyoxal is not brought into or produced in the raw materials and production process. Meet the requirements of high-end products, especially cosmetics industry for glyoxal content.

Low transportation cost:

Solid is easier to transport and store than aqueous solution. At present, there are mainly 40% and 50% acetaldehyde acid aqueous solutions in China. With the same content of glyoxylic acid, our products can reduce volume and weight by more than half compared with aqueous solutions, which can save a lot of transportation costs and reduce transportation risks.

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