kt board foam leather pvc gasket vinyl car sticker china flatbed cutting plotter table machine (1600767061888)

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Product Overview


Product Overview

kt board foam leather pvc gasket vinyl car sticker china flatbed cutting plotter table machine
Vibrating knife cutting machine has a wide range of applications. It can be equipped with different knives, and the knives used for cutting different materials are also different.
The vibration knife is more suitable for cutting leather sponge composite materials.
The pneumatic knife and round knife are more suitable for cutting cloth.
Cutting paper You can use a drag knife to paste.
In short, there are many materials that the vibrating knife cutting machine can cut, such as: carbon fiber, glass fiber,
fiber cotton, prepreg, aramid, ceramic fiber, cloth, silk loop, leather, felt, carpet, sound-absorbing cotton, silicone, rubber ,
Kt board, etc. flatbed cutting plotter can be used for Cutting of sexual materials, such as car mats, car seat covers, clothing fabrics, KT boards, sponges, fiber composite materials, etc. Many people worry about the processing of these materials.
The labor cost is high, the time is slow, and the laser cutting will be scorched. For these problems, there is a vibrating knife cutting machine on the market, high-frequency, high-speed intelligent cutting, dust-free and pollution-free, the cutting surface is very round, no burrs, and the speed is very fast, saving labor costs, and the effect is very ideal. . Therefore, if you are doing flexible material processing, you can ask the manufacturer of the vibrating knife cutting machine in detail. The vibrating knife uses the high-frequency vibration cutting of the blade up and down, front and back, left and right digital control movement, tens of thousands of vibrations per minute to achieve the cutting effect, fast cutting speed, environmentally friendly processing, suitable for carbon fiber, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg, Aramid, ceramic fiber, cloth, silk loop, leather, felt, carpet, sound-absorbing cotton, silicone, rubber, kt board and other non-metallic flexible materials, customers can send some materials for proofing and test cutting.
Cutting Materials: fabric, banner, woven knitted textile, inflatable pvc, canvas, polyester, elastic fabric, upholstery, garment,
leather, sheep shearing flannel, UV textile, carbon fiber, aramid, glass fiber, streamer banner, flag fabrics, light proof fabrics
and other kind of textiles.


1.Taiwan square rail
2.universal cutting tools
3.taiwan delta servo motor and driver
4.Ruida controller
5.Heavy duty
6.aluminum bellow table, better sucking effect

1612 flatbed cutting plotter for sign graphics industry
Auto feeding digital cutter for textile leather cutting
Oscillating Knife + Creasing wheel for packaging carton box making


Technical Parameter for Oscillating Knife Textile Cutting Machine
X working size
Y working size
Z working size
Cutting head/tool (use different tool according to different material cutting)
Oscillating knife cutting head for medium density material cutting such as foam cutting, eva, kt board, pvc, asbestosOptional Head
Vibrating knife + Creasing wheel + V cut +ccd camera for cardboard cutting
Round knife + punching tool+ auto feeding for textile, leather cutting punching
Oscillating knife + kiss cut tool for sign vinyl stick cutting
Spindle: for cutting hard material such as acrylic, foiled foam
Display way
English LED touch screen
Machine bed
Thick aluminum bellow bed for better suction
Machine table
conveyor table
Auto feeding device and deviation recognition device
Data transfer way
Vacuum pump
9KW air type vacuum pump
Driving system
Taiwan delta servo driver and motor
Control system
RD/Rhino control system
Guiding system
Taiwan TBI square rail
Tool sensor
With, red dot
Y rack pinion, XZ synchronous steel belt
Cutting speed
Traveling speed
About 800kgs
Machine Size
Package situation
plywood case for flatbed vinyl sticker cutting plotter machine
380V 3 phase 50HZ
Vcutworks software


Taiwan Delta Servo Driver
Taiwan Delta Servo Motor
Thick Aluminum Bellow Table

Different Tools for different material and application
Long Lifespan Towline
Taiwan Guide Rail

Ruida Controller
4 pieces stop switch around machine, easily stop machine under emergency situation
6mm thick Fabrics on machine table

9kw vacuum pump, guarantee machine have big vacuum sucking power
4 pieces safety sensor to keep operator safety, when operator is near to machine, it will stop work
High Precision Helical Rack Pinion

Samples of oscillating knife flatbed cutting machine table plotter:


carton box packing box cutting creasing machine flatbed cardboard digital cutting plotter
auto feeding cnc knife cutting machine for textile leather pvc fabric rolls cutting in leahter garment industry
co2 laser cutting machine for nonmetal cutting such as acrylic wood organic glass textile paper cardboard etc.



Q 1. How many days can I expect the machine?
A 1: For fiber laser marking machine, if with standard device, its ready to ship.
Other kind of cnc wood machine and laser
machines delivery time is about 20-30 days according to quantity and special device request

Q 2: How many years warranty can I get?
A 2: We provide 3 years warranty for Fiber Laser Machine,Provide 1 year warranty for Other cnc and laser machine such as wood cnc router, stone cnc router, foam cutting machine, flatbed cutter etc.

Q 3: How about Training and after sale service?
A 3: WE have operation and installation video for woodworking machine, metal fiber laser marking machine, foam machine, stone machine,co2 laser cutting machine etc. WE provide 24 online support for software operation, problem setting etc.

Q 4: Whats will be transportation way for the machines?
A 4: for small machines such as fiber laser marking machine, handheld laser welding machine, 3030 desktop cnc router, we can ship it through air, only take 5-7 days to arrive customer's place. For big machines such as fiber laser cutting machine, flatbed cutting machine, hot wire foam cutter, atc cnc router, we will use sea transportation.

Q 5: What will be the package for cnc and laser machine?
A 5: For LCL shipment based on buy 1 set or 2 set, we will use fumigation-free plywood case. For mass purchase such as 6-20 sets panel saw, 6-9 sets 1325 cnc router,we will use film pearl cotton package, and ship by 40'HQ container.

Product packaging

package for wood cnc router, plasma cutting machine and laser machine.
For LCL shipment, such as buying one set cnc router or laser machine, we will use seaworthy fumigation-free plywood case

For FCL shipment, such as buying 6-9 sets wood cnc router or plasma cutting machine, we will use soft package, we use film and
pearl cotton to pack the machine, sometimes will unassemble machine gantry, motor etc in order to load more sets into one
container to help customer save shipping cost of each woodworking machine.

Company Profile

Jinan Wise CNC Laser Machinery Co., Ltd, is specialized manufacturer of woodworking machine, edge banding machine, metal cutting machine, foam cutting milling machine, flatbed cutting machine, stone machine, co2 laser machine. Located in Jinan city, Shandong province, China.

we keep R&D new-tech machine for many fields such as panel furniture, wood door, cabinet, stone carving, metal
cutting, architectural model, advertising industry, crafts and arts, educational institution, laser marking industry etc.
1. We have more than 17 years producing experience, and keep R&D new product for market demand.
2. All workers have many years assembling experience, they are proficient with producing, so we can deliver the machine to you in time.
3 .we will provide you best after-sale service, every after-sales person has passport, if there is any big problem, we can solve it within 24 hours, or even send some person to your factory for maintenance in time.
4.We have enough parts in stock, if you need parts, we will send it to you within 6 hours.

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