Thirty three years Production experience IP68 Waterproof Button life Million times membrane keypad (1600769182036)

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Product Overview


Product name:
Membrane keypad
Item No:
Place of origin:
Guang Dong , China
PET , PC , 3M468, Metal Dome,
OEM/ODM order:
≥100 Pieces
Packing Details : carton packing for each 10 piece Keypad
Machine control

Surface Layer
The materials can be customized:
PET, PC and silicone rubber;
The panel effect can be customized:
smooth-surface, sand-surface and other lines; The panel key shape can be designed to be convex;
PET key life ≥ 1 million times; PET key life<100,000 times;
The colors and patterns can be customized; The product surface can resist outdoor UV for 500 hours, anti-bacteria and anti-corrosion;

Circuit Layer
The materials can be customized:
The key materials can be selected as follows:
PET bulge, metal dome (gold-plated, nickel-plated) and touch switch;
The circuit can be integrated:
LED, resistor-capacitor and chip, etc;
The circuit can be designed with shielding layer and insulating layer;
The circuit diagram can be designe according to your pin definitions;
The loop resistance and contact resistance can be designed according to requirements; Connector: GBA dual-in-line, contact-pin
shell and others;

Adhesive Layer
The material model can be customized:
3M, gelatin sponge and other adhesives......
The materials can be customized according to different use environments, For example: dustproof , waterproof and high-low temperature......
The materials can be customized according to different thickness requirements;
The adhesive layer can be customized according to the materials pasted on the

Mechanical data.
Reliability service life: 
PET≥1 million times, 
PC≥100 thousand times; Closed displacement:
0.1~0.4mm (without touch),
0.4~1.0mm (touch)
Key pressing force: 75g~750g
Connector spacing: 0.5, 1.0, 1.25, 2.54… ...
The wire lead in PET material is bent by ±90° repeatedly for 50 times, no crack, no conductor stripping, and resistance value of loop line up to custom-made standards

Electronic data.
Operating voltage: 50VDC; Operating current: 100mA;
Contact resistance: 0.5~10Ω
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ
Base material withstand voltage: 2kDVC; Spring-back time: 5ms;
Loop resistance: ≤100Ω, line length: ≤150cm (or custom-made)
Insulation ink withstand voltage: 100VDC

Environmental suitability.
Operating temperature: -25°C~+75°C
Storage temperature: -40°C~+85°C
Relative humidity: 45%~75% (customizable)
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

Keypad dome life tester
Salt spray tester
High & low temperature tester

Circuit function tester
Light transmittance tester

Q:l don't have sample or STP drawing ,how can I custom a silicon Keypad?
A: You can send a enclosure & PCB to us, then our engineer can design the drawing for you.

Q:l don't know the silicon hardness shore and actuation force of the keypad should be?
A:ln normal, the hardness of keypad & button is 50-60A, and the actuation force is 200 +- 50

Q: Could you make Plastic cap + Silicon button?
A: Yes,we made this model a lot, we have a brother factory can supply the plastic item for us

Q: What's terms of payment for custom a new item?
A: The mold cost should pay 100% in advanceThe bulk order we can accept 50% deposit,50% before shippingAnd pay through Alibaba assurance order ,T/T

Q: Where is your factory, can I visit?
A: We located in Shenzhen, China. And welcome to visit any time.

According to different product, several inner boxes put into a standard carton box.
Packaging can be customized: foam box, carton size, etc.
Each carton with the weight is not more than 30kg.

Packaging: Generally, 10~20 products are packed in a plastic bag. The product packaging shall avoid inserting shell, and shall be protected with foam and put into a small box. According to different sizes of products, the small box shall be uniformly packed into a standard carton.
The packaging box can be customized your company Logo as you need.
By Air, by Sea, Express UPS、FedEx、DHL, etc.

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