ice and water shield or peel and stick synthetic underlayment

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Product Overview


Our Company

Jinan Perfect Building Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2001 with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, the first batch of enterprises that meet the access conditions of the building materials industry announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first building materials enterprise that has passed the three-star green building materials certification of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the first building materials industry to be awarded the "China Building Materials Industry". "Famous Brand" enterprise brand; Shandong Province recognized the single champion enterprise of manufacturing industry, Shandong Province high-quality brand enterprise; Jinan City "Top 50 Technology Innovation Enterprises" and Jinan City's Top 50 Private Enterprises. At present, the company has built a group enterprise with Jinan as its headquarters and facing the development of the national layout. There are wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shenyang, Anhui, Luoyang, Chongqing and Qingdao, with more than 1,200 employees. The company currently has six polypropylene spunbond non-woven production lines, which can produce non-woven fabrics of various specifications and colors with a single width of 8 to 250 grams per square meter and a single width of 320 cm. The annual output of non-woven fabrics is more than 15,000 tons. Its wide range of woven and nonwoven technical textiles provides solutions for the housing and construction industries. With more than 30 years of experience in the polymer industry, we provide solutions for the construction industry with a wide range of waterproofing and weatherproofing products for home construction. Through continuous research and product development, it is our unremitting efforts to provide customers with the most ideal and economical solutions, and to always strive to provide high-quality products.

Products Description

OPERFECT™ Synthetic Roofing Underlayment is an excellent 100% synthetic roofing felt designed for the replacement of 15 lb/ 30lb asphalt felt.
OPERFECT™ Synthetic roofing underlayment can be used for steep-slope roofing to provide a lasting layer of protection against wind-driven rain, shingle blow-offs, and damage caused by adverse weather conditions. It is
designed to use under the wood decks, asphalt, synthetic shingles, residential metal, cedar shakes, etc.

Roll size
93 m2
76.2 - 87m
1.1 to 1.22m
10 SQ
250' - 286'
42'' - 48''
 * For custom sizes, contact the sales person.

Weight per roll
16 lbs

48'' * 250' or 42'' * 286'
19 lbs
20 lbs
21 lbs
23 lbs
25 lbs
30 lbs
36 lbs
38 lbs
40 lbs
43 lbs

OPERFECT™ Synthetic Underlayment helps seal your home against water damage and other moisture infiltration which can cause mold growth and rotting deck boards. Operfect™ Synthetic Underlayment is up to 2 times stronger than competitive synthetic underlayments and offers excellent wind resistance and durability through heavy roof traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Test & Standard
21 lbs
23 lbs
29 lbs
37 lbs
CLASS a Fire ASTM E108
Nail Sealability Modified ASTM D1970
Water Permeability ASTM E96
No Dripping
No Dripping
No Dripping
No Dripping
Water Transmission ASTM D4869
Tear Strength ASTM D4533
MD 20 lbs
CD 17 lbs
MD 15 lbs
CD 17 lbs
MD 18 lbs
CD 21 lbs
MD 57 lbs
CD 45 lbs
Tensile Strength ASTM D751
MD 65 lbs
CD 52 lbs
MD 80 lbs
CD 65 lbs
MD 85 lbs
CD 84 lbs
MD 115 lbs
CD 128 lbs
Elongation ASTM D751
MD 19%/CD 18%
MD 19%/CD 18%
MD 18%/CD 18%
MD 19%/CD 19%

Product Advantage

Won't absorb water.
Synthetics repel water while felt products absorb water. Most homeowners like the idea of having a product that sheds water serve
as their secondary water protection barrier on their roof instead of a sponge.
Enhanced walkability.
Synthetic underlayment is engineered to provide a more secure walking surface. The enhanced slip-resistant surface creates better traction and allows crews to move easier, even on steep slopes.
UV resistance.
Stands up to the effects of UV rays for up to 3 months of worry-free exposure

Lighter than felt.
A single roll of Operfect™ Synthetic Underlayment contains 1000 square feet but weighs only 20 to 26 lb. It’s easier for your installers to handle.
Stronger than felt.
Operfect™ Synthetic Underlayment is more resistant to tearing and shredding when installers walk on it. Plus it’s coated top and bottom with tough polyolefin for superior weather-resistance.
More flexible, even in cold weather.
Operfect™ Synthetic Underlayment is easy to install around vents, dormers, skylights and other typical roof structures. It lays flat without curling and is super

Manufacturing process

Step 1: adding a surfactant in the waterproof coating, stirring to form a foamed waterproofing agent.
Step 2: apply the foam-like water repellent to the one-sided surface of the cloth.
Step 3: clean up excess foam on the surface of the cloth.
Step 4: sending the fabric into an oven to dry, while making the waterproofing agent plasticized to form a waterproof layer.
Step 5: Surface treatment of the waterproof cloth.

Packaging & Shipping

OPERFECT™ Synthetic Underlayment package evenly wraps the environmentally friendly and pollution-free PP shrink film around the product through a fully automatic packaging machine. Maintain the rebound rate of the product and effectively prevent damage.


Monitoring the whole process and the whole period of time, 24 hours tracking and monitoring from the arrival of raw materials to the delivery of products
Regular sampling inspection and random sampling inspection are combined, frequency sampling inspection and batch sampling inspection are combined to ensure the products are qualified
Summarize, feedback, analyze, improve and improve product quality regularly

Certification & Exhibition

Our company adheres to the development path of independent innovation and science and technology, and pays attention to sustainable green development. Our company has provincial-level enterprise technology center, provincial-level "one enterprise, one technology" center, provincial-level new inorganic fiber thermal insulation material engineering laboratory, OPERFECT™ synthetic underlayment Technology Research Institute, OPERFECT™ synthetic underlayment Laboratory and other R&D institutions. Declared 36 scientific and technological patents, including 8 invention patents and 28 utility model patents, and obtained 3 domestic leading scientific and technological achievement appraisals, and built 80,000 tons of synthetic underlayment with independent intellectual property rights through the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation. In the production line, the comprehensive utilization technology of solid waste in synthetic underlayment production has been developed to realize clean production without efflux. The company pays attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, clean production, strong innovation ability, clean production technology, air pollutant control technology, production solid waste recycling technology industry-leading, pollutant discharge is the first to reach ultra-low emission standards, and it is an environmental benchmarking enterprise in the industry.

1. "production line with an annual output of 80,000 tons of synthetic underlayment"
2. "high speed centrifugal fiber forming machine"
3. "waste gas heat utilization system"
4. "production solid waste recycling technology" and other technologies
5. Three invention patents have been granted
6. 14 utility model patents
7. 3 domestic leading scientific and technological achievements appraisal
8. Participated in the revision of 2 national standards

OPERFECT™ synthetic underlayment were sold to a lot of countries in the world, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, etc.

Questions & Answers

Is Roof Underlayment Necessary?
Underlayment is an important component to the overall roof system as it serves as an extra layer of protection for your roof.
Roof underlayment will:
* Protect against moisture penetrating through the roof, resulting in leaks.
* Add extra insulation to your home to keep it from being drafty.
* Absorb noise from rain or other elements on the roof.
* Ensure that the roofing material laid on it looks uniform and even .
* Keep your roofing warranty valid if applicable.

What Is Synthetic Roof Underlayment?
Synthetic underlayment is a roofing accessory composed of laminated polypropylene or polyethylene plastic that goes over the roof deck and serves as an extra layer of protection from the elements for a roofing system. It has excellent durability as the material does not absorb moisture. This makes it the right material to choose when drying in a roof.

How Long Can Synthetic Roof Underlayment Be Exposed?
Within a certain timeframe, synthetic underlayment can be left exposed to the elements and not be damaged. The time frame depends on the specific manufacturer of the underlayment as each is different. We recommend, roofing underlayment which can be exposed for 6 months to 12 months.

Synthetic Underlayment Cost vs. Felt Underlayment Cost
Synthetic is a higher quality product but also comes with a higher cost.
* Non adhesive synthetic roof underlayment costs 17 cents to 25 cents per square foot
* Self adhering underlayment cost 50 cents to 75 cents per square foot
* Felt roof underlayment costs 5 cents to 10 cents per square foot.

Synthetic Underlayment Weight Vs. Mil Thickness
Non adhesive synthetic roofing underlayment isn't created equally. There are lots of high quality synthetic roof underlayment brands , but there are also some low quality brands. They try to trick you with a lousy product and fancy marketing. The weight of the synthetic underlayment is a great indication of the quality of the underlayment. The membrane layer is where you get your water proofing and abrasion resistance. In an effort to save money, there are brands of synthetic underlayment that boast about their mil thickness. This can be misleading though as some of these underlayment have a fuzzy top layer for walkability that’s a false indicator of the materials thickness.

Is Synthetic Roof Underlayment Better Than Felt Underlayment?
Synthetic roof underlayment is the most preferred form of underlayment material for its strength and tear resistance. Synthetic was actually created to be a product that solved the problems that felt underlayment, or roofing felt, has.
For years, felt was the go-to material to use for roofing underlayment. Only within the last two decades has synthetic
underlayment hit the market as an improved product that would not have the problems with felt.

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