Kada 37.5kva 30kw brushless alternator with panel meters and pulley

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Kada Brushless Alternator

Kada brushless synchronous generators, by introducing and developing foreign and domestic advanced technology and design. It possesses the advantages of small-size, light-weight, delicate appearance and reliable operation. It is suitable to match with any brands of the diesel engines in the world,such as UK brand engine, USA brand engine, Germany brand engine,Japan brand engine, Korea bran engine, and China made engine.

Electric Brushless Generator Introduce
1) Rated output: 6.5KW to 1000kW
2) Rated voltage: 400V,400/230V,230V,415V, etc.
3) Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz
4) Rated speed: 1,500 / 1,800rpm
5) Three-phase four-wire
6) Protection: IP21or IP23
7) Insulation: Class H
8) Standard: International Electrician Committee Command Standard IEC34,
International Standardization Organization Command Standard ISO8528
NEMA standard
9) Engine can be connected with steel or flexible materials
10) Steel frame cast-iron cover
11) Excellent silicon steel chip
12) Imports all bearing
1).Advanced automatic voltage regulator conttrol for trouble-free operation under the
most demaning condition
2).Easy paralleling with mains or other generators .Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid
excessive neutral currents. One slot sttor skewing further reduces harmonics.
3).Dynamically balanced rotor,with sealed-for-life ball bearings and single or two-bearing construction.
4).Simple installation and maintenance with easy access to terminals,rotating diodes and coupling bolts.
5).Wide range of Flange adaptor and single bearing coupling disc for Alternator price


IP23(NEMA 1) is standard for all industrial and marine generators .

Shaft & Keys
All alternator rotors are dynamically balance to better than Bs6861 P.1,G2.5 for minimum
vibration in operation .Two bearing generators are balanced with a half-key.

Terminal and terminal box
The 3Phase altenrators had 12 ends brought out to the terminal box .The terminals
are put on the non drive end..The box is equipped with removable panels .

Voltage regulation
Voltage regulation refers to the change of voltage from no-load to full-load with power
factor ranging from 0.8 to 1 and 3%s fluctuation of the speed of engines .Voltage
is adjusted using a trimmer on the AVR .


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