Sales Best Price of Acicular Wollastonite Mineral Ultrafine Powder for Rubber Filler

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Wholesales Best Price Calcined Wollastonite Mineral Powder Uses as Glass Fiber Wollastonite for Porcelain Ceramics

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The chemical formula is CaSiO3
Wollastonite powder has needle-like, high whiteness and unique physical and chemical properties. It is widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemicals, papermaking, welding electrodes, metallurgical protective slag, and as asbestos Substitutes, etc.
Adding a proper amount of wollastonite powder to the ceramic raw materials can greatly reduce the firing temperature, shorten the firing time, achieve rapid firing at low temperature, save a lot of fuel, reduce product costs, reduce cracks and warpage, increase gloss, and improve embryos Body strength

(Acicular) wollastonite powder
200, 325 mesh or customized
25kg/bag, ton bag or customized
It is widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemicals, papermaking, welding electrodes, metallurgical protective slag, and as asbestos substitutes.


1. Wollastonite powder is mainly used in the ceramic industry to produce art porcelain, sanitary porcelain, glazed tiles, power porcelain, daily-use porcelain and chemical ceramics. Because the grade of wollastonite is usually about 80%, the whiteness of natural wollastonite is also very high. It is very suitable for replacing the mixture of SiO2 and CaO in ceramic glazes, and can improve and improve the glaze whiteness of ceramic products. , water absorption rate, hygroscopic expansion rate and rapid cooling and rapid heat resistance performance, make the appearance of the product smoother and brighter, and the strength is improved, and the pressure resistance is good. To sum up, the functions of wollastonite in ceramics include: lowering the firing temperature and shortening the firing cycle; reducing firing shrinkage and product defects; reducing the hygroscopic expansion of the green body and thermal expansion during firing; improving the mechanical strength of the product.
2. In the plastics industry, wollastonite powder not only plays a filling role, but can also partially replace asbestos and glass fiber for reinforcing materials.
3. Wollastonite can replace titanium dioxide, clay and lithopone in large quantities in light-colored rubber, play a certain reinforcing role, and improve the covering ability of white colorants. Play a whitening effect. After wollastonite is organically modified, not only its surface is lipophilic, but also because the treatment agent sodium oleate molecule has double bonds, it can participate in vulcanization, enhance cross-linking, and greatly improve the reinforcing effect.
4. In the coating industry, wollastonite powder is used as a filler for paints and coatings, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of the product, durability and weather resistance, reduce the gloss of the paint, enhance the expansion ability of the coating, reduce cracks, and can also reduce oil absorption and enhance Anti-corrosion ability.
The acicular wollastonite powder has good flatness, high color coverage and uniform distribution, and has anti-ultraviolet characteristics. It is widely used in interior wall coatings, exterior wall coatings, special coatings and latex paints.
5. In the paper industry, wollastonite powder can be used as a filler and plant fiber to compound into a paper-making composite fiber to replace part of the plant fiber. Reduce the amount of wood pulp, reduce costs, improve the performance of paper products, increase the smoothness and opacity of paper products, improve the uniformity of paper products, eliminate paper static electricity, reduce paper shrinkage, good printability, and reduce plants Pollution emissions during the fiber pulping process.

70-80% for acicular; 85-95% for non-acicular
Aspect ratio
Si content
45-60% for acicular; 35-40% for non-acicular
Refractories, Plastic fillers, Ceramic, Fire-retardant coatings, Construction, Waterproof materials and so on


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