High acrylonitrile content reduces plasticizer migration Powdered butadiene acrylonitrile for PVC hose SC 830G

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Description:
Powdered nitrile rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile polymerised at low temperatures and made by a special process as a powdered elastomer. The raw rubber is available in the form of blocks, emulsions, granules and powders. Powdered NBR is usually available in particle sizes of 0.3-0.6mm, has good flowability and it has the basic properties of rubber. In terms of reprocessing, the cutting process is omitted compared to block rubber, enabling dry mixing of the powder. In addition, no preheating is required for processing, which results in good dispersion and shortens the mixing time. It can also be mixed directly with compounding agents for extrusion or injection moulding, saving energy and reducing heat build-up during processing to reduce scorching. The product does not agglomerate during transport.
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Product parameters

 ACN content %
 Mooney viscosity
50 mesh sieving rate ≥98%
Good oil and high temperature resistance, suitable for PVC conveyor belts, PVC hoses, electric wires and cables, PVC sealing
strips, etc.

Product advantages

Our Selling Points
1、Reduced plasticiser migration.
2、Improved heat resistance.
3、Improved oil resistance.
4、Improved flexural and cold resistance.
5、Improved wear resistance.
6、Reduced permanent deformation in compression
7、Extruded out of the expansion rate is reduced, the melt is more stable, improve the dimensional stability.
8、Hard PVC has obvious toughening effect, improve impact strength.


Application range:
It is widely used in rubber products processing applications and performance improvement, resin modification (such as PVC, PF, EP, SAN and EVA resins for toughening, wear and oil resistance modification). It can be used in the production of oil resistant hoses, doors and windows, sealing strips, sealing products, adhesives and wire and cable, shoe materials, microporous sponge soles, automotive dashboards, safety shields, PVC fire hoses, conveyor belts (PVC, PVG) and other products.

Other product parameters

ACN conten %
Viscosity Pa·S·40℃
50 mesh sieving rate ≥98%
Special modified material for PVC resin, suitable for PVC conveyor belts, PVC hoses, wires and cables, PVC sealing strips, etc.
50 mesh sieving rate ≥98%
Good oil and high temperature resistance, suitable for PVC conveyor belts, PVC hoses, electric wires and cables, PVC sealing
strips, etc.
50 mesh sieving rate ≥98%
Good resistance to low temperature, suitable for PVC shoes, pipes, plates, PVC flooring, door and window sealing strips,
refrigerator sealing strips, phenolic resin modification, etc.

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