4mm tempered glass sheet price flat bent curved panel for door window shower manufacturer of 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm tempered

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Product Overview


4mm tempered glass manufacturer of  low price  with CE high quality  flat bend curved glass panel for door window  shower room aquarium ,table top 3mm 4mm 5mm  6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm , 19mm tempered glass, we have clear and colored ,the glass can be use for window ,door , fence ,all kinds building use and furniture use . we have laminated tempered glass too . the glass can be nt curved . 4mm tempered glass panels sheet .

Product Description

 tempered glass 2222

 curved glasslaminated glass 333.jpground glass temperedscreen glassIMG_1624_.jpgIMG_1622.JPGtempered glass 3acid etched frosted glasswindow tempered glass , tempered glass for sunroom , bathroom tempered glass ,tempered glass door,
 pattern glass


we have shelf glass , and we can produce whole shelf . 

glass shelf 1111


tempered glass 2222




we have tempered laminated glass too . 





laminated glass collect laminated glass 11laminated glass stairs 1laminated glass stairs


we have tempered frosted glass , acied ectched glass . 

acid etched frosted glass



we have tempered pattern glass , 


pattern glass


we have tempered glass for fence , and we can produce glass fence . 


glass fence 1_11


we have tempered window glass , and we can produce window . 


window 112


we tempered shower glass and tempered glass shower panel, , we can produce shower room and door too. shower room and door



we have tempered painted glass . 


painted glass



we have tempered mirror , and untempered mirror . framed and unframed mirror 


mirror tile 4_1mirror 111 (2)_1framed mirror 23_LED MIRROR 3




float glass 1_

tempered glass size any size
tempered glass thicknes3-60mm
tempered shaperound , heart ,square,arch, ect
glass edgepolished , ground,arrised ,cut 

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Our Services

 we can produce all kinds of glass


Company Information



  wooden crate ,with paper between two pieces ,or your demand Powder or paper interleaved pieces, easy-dismantled wooden crates package, easily storage,safety,suitable for distance sea and inland transportation.Fastness, burliness, easy and security to put and fetch pieces, every box is loaded around 2.5 tons. It is applicable in the area of loading and discharge equipment imperfect, manpower charges lower.Beautiful appearance, opening convenience, saving timber, every box is loaded with around 2 tons. 

our tempered Glass is tested and approved to Chinese Standard CCC & Europe Standard EC12150 for impact performance requirements for flat safety glazing materials for use in Class A buildings.


Safety(tempered): When broken, it spits into tiny harmless pieces.

Strong intensity: heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, and tempered glass is about 4 times.

Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load.


Tempered glass can be printed with special logo and patterns with enamel silkscreening

Different kinds of glass like clear tempered glass and various patterned glass.

Places where safety glass is required by laws and regulations.

Windows or other areas in a building.

Glass balustrade and escalator side panels.

Windows of motor vehicles, boats and ships.

Glass table tops and shelves, interior decoration and furniture, places exposed to thermal impact.

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