Корейская оригинальная многофункциональная кислородная струя/кислородный купол oxy led/Корейская кислородная машина o2toderm oxigen dome

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Korea Original Multifuncional oxygen jet / oxy led oxygen dome / o2toderm korean oxygen facial machine oxigen dome

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What Is O2toDerm Therapy?
Using highly concentrated oxygen and Anion, reduce Reactive oxygen system, regenerates broken cells, boost Immunity. Improve troubling skin problems and rejuvenate your tired skins Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care System
* Big Dome-Shaped Mask will ease the customers.
* Exclusive Skin-Care Solutions and Programs will Increase Customer Satisfaction.
* Convenient Remote Controller will Satisfy Customers

What is O2?

O2toDerm is an O2&lon generator. It can turn natural air into pure O2 is essential element that can regenerates broken cells and decomposes lactate acid. Also it is known for enhancing your ability to remember and focus. O2toDerm can produce 90% pure O2, making skins respiration better, regenerating broken cells thus rejuvenating your skin and achieving Anti-aging

O2toDerm is an O2&lon generator. O2 which is essential for cell regrowth Accelerates collagen production, softening wrinkles. Oxygen and 3 million anion comes with together.reduced Reactive oxygen which is main cause for skin agingand it helps to regenerates broken cells, boost Immunity. Improve troubling skin problems and rejuvenate your tired skins Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care System

What is Anion?
Anions are "vitamins from air". Anions improves respiration, cell activity, and wellbeing. Anions have the ability to reduce reactive oxygen species, revitalize cells, improve our circulatory system, and improve the body's response to healing. Reactive Oxygen Species is a number of reactive molecules and free radicals derives from oxygen. Too much ROS can cause cell death. A sufficient amount of ROS can hep cells grow. Free Radicals are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electron. This causes chain reactions to gain electrons to destabilize. Causes of free radicals could be air pollution, radiation, smoking, burnt food, extreme stress, and sun exposure.
Oxygen Sprayer
Put the nurtial into the bottle, and use high pressure oxygen to penetrate of the skin, make the essence atomized and the pores more easily absorbed. It can strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote its metabolism. So that it can treat and improve the problems such as dark and dim skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentation and the conventional skin Problems.


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O2toDerm Treatment- SKIN CONDITIONS

Wound Healing and Repair
Wound injuries damage the body's blood vessels, which release fluid that leaks into the tissues and causes swelling. This swelling deprives the damaged cells of oxygen, and tissue starts to die. O2toderm reduces swelling while flooding the tissues with oxygen. The elevated pressure in the chamber increases in the amount of oxygen in the blood. O2 aims to break the cycle of swelling, and oxygen starvation.

Oxygen works as an antibacterial and antimicrobial. It has been shown to have detoxification effects and suppresses inflammation, working beautifully as maintenance in between regularly scheduled facials, or while incorporated in acne facial.

Fine Lines and Aging Skin
Oxygen enhances the regeneration of tissue and blood vessels thus increasing circulation in the skin and encouraging the production of new collagen

Dry and Dehydrated Skin
The process consists in using hyperbaric oxygen to penetrate the skin, in order to stimulate the hyaluronic acid production. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with health and vitality

Oxygen helps in fighting off and preventing unwanted chemicals from being absorbed and stopping harmful UV rays via production of melanin (which is where your pigment arises). O2toderm also encourages cell turnover so that in conjunction with enhanced actives will leave skin looking lighter and brighter



*Regenerate broken/damaged skin cells

*Boost immunity

*Improves trouble skin problems like acne

*Rejuvenates tired skin

*Cuts downtime in half for procedures such as: Microneedling, fractional laser, post peel, or virtually any treatment that requires downtime

*The oxygen helps amplify efficiency of any approved products used under the dome, making products more active and penetrate deeper into the skin

*Only device on the market that can be easily incorporated to many facial procedures

*In conjunction with medical grade products, it improves tone, texture and will instantly leave a lasting healthy glow

*It improves the overall appearance of the skin giving skin a healthy glow and youthful appearance

*Improves overall wellbeing

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7 colors LED light therapy ( optional)

What is the LED PDT skin rejuvenation?

LED PDT skin rejuvenation is the interaction of light, delived through Light Emitting Diodes(LED),to activate cell receptors causing them to produce collagen or multiply.One of the original applications for LEDS was PhotoDynamic therapy(PDT),using photo-activated creams for the treatment of actinic keratosis and pre-cancerous lesions.

1.seven types of specific light source for clinical treatment
2. Non-risk of burning with safe optical technology
3. High power piranha LEDS, Pure light and enough energy
4. Large treatment area within short-time therapy
5.No need of speical care after treatment
6.For any skin type, no side effects
7. Easy to use, no need of professional operator
8. Comfortable,non-invasive and no downtime
9.Stable and continuous work, no any other special consumable materials
10.A wide range of applications for clinics or beauty salons


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Red light: wavelength of 640m, whitening and rejuvenating, anti-aging, strong repair, accelerating cell metabolism, and promoting protein and collagen synthesis;
Blue light: The wavelength is 415nm, which sterilizes and reduces inflammation, activates cells, and purifies the skin;
Purple light: The wavelength of 1055nm is a dual-frequency light of red and blue light, which can treat acne and repair acne marks;
Yellow light: wavelength is 1171nm; stimulates microcirculation, decomposes pigments, and promotes lymphatic drainage;
Green light: The wavelength is 531nm; it balances pigments, reduces fine lines, and nourishes aging skin;


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Oxygen Generation

1~5L/min, Over 90% Pure Oxygen, Pressure Swing Adsorption

Control Method

Touch interface or Remote Controller

Anion Generation

Approximately 3 Millions Ions


Under 45db


oxygen sprayer+oxygen injection+pdt led light therapy

Led Llight Colors


LED Wavelengths

Red: 640 nm Blue: 470 nm Yellow: 590 Green: 490 nm nm

Light Bulbs



12 lbs

Company Information

Manufacture beauty equipment for some top medical beauty groups from More than 80 countries such as United States, Japan and Germany with the term of OEM since the year of 2006. Our company has got independent import and export rights. Thus, we can distribute several kinds of equipment to clients globally. Meanwhile, Emprie beauty is devoted to issuing unique and creative new machine that our patent have been approved. Supported by the top level R&D center and the experts group. We also supply excellent after sales service."Credibility Supremacy and Excellent Service" is our purpose.

 Q1: What about the delivery?
♥  just depend on your actual request and door to door services by air or by sea is acceptable. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX......by air; and the sea transportations.
Q2: What’s the delivery time?
♥  Generally speaking, according to different products, the production cycle is about 3-10 days.Some spot products can be shipped the next day after confirming the order

Q3: How about the package?
♥ Wooden case/ Carton/ Aluminum case (standard export packing with fully polyfoam or pearl wool) are available.

Q4: Do you have any timely technology supports?
♥ Professional technology supporting team will help you to solve the after sales problem. Also any questions you can contact us by telephone, viber, whatsapp, online chat (FaceBook, skype, mail) and so on

Q5: What’s the payment method?
♥  T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card, Alibaba trade assurance , Alipay, Paypal etc.

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