Резиновая серия AEM Vamac от DuPont, США, большой запас в картонных коробках 25 кг, этиленакрилат эластомер Vamac G ULTRA IP DX DP GLS (1600780790279)

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Product Overview


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Buying Guides

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Product Description


• Temperature range: - 40 °C to +175 °C (and up to +190 °C for VMX5000 series) \\

• Very good resistance to new fluids for electric vehicles

• Good resistance to water-based coolants

• Outstanding ozone/weather resistance

• Excellent compression set and compressive stress relaxation resistance (CSR)

• Good flex fatigue resistance

• Vibration damping consistency

• Halogen-free, non-toxic, and low-smoke density emissions

• Excellent bonding to metal and other substrates

• Insulating or conductive compounds

• Electrical & Electronics Friendly


Performance Property                                                                                               Typical Range

100% Modulus1 , MPa                                                                                                   2 to 10

Tensile Strength1 , MPa                                                                                                7 to >20

Elongation1 , %                                                                                                           100 to 600

Hardness2 , Durometer Shore A                                                                                   40 to 90

Tear Strength3 , N/mm                                                                                                  15 to 45

Compression Set4, % (168h at 150 °C, 25% compressed)                                          15 to 30


DuPont Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM) can be made into cured compounds that have excellent resistance to high temperatures, and good resistance to automotive fluids such as transmission fluids, engine oils, coolants, acidic condensates, urea solution, greases, and new E-fluids.


Low-Temperature Performance

The low-temperature performance of Vamac surpasses that of most other heat- and oil-resistant polymers. Typical compounds meet OEM specifications for performance at –40 °C. Vamac compounds can be designed to meet end-use requirements as low as –50 °C.


Resistance to Fluids

End products based on Vamac® have excellent resistance to hot oils and hydrocarbon- or glycol-based lubricants, transmission fluids, and power steering fluids. Low oil swell can be obtained with proper Vamac grade selection and compounding. Vamac shows good retention of properties and low permeation in new fluids for E-mobility (E-motor, E-transmission, power electronics) and with dielectric fluids used to cool batteries. Vamac is not recommended for use in components immersed in gasoline, esters or highly aromatic fluids.


Vamac can be compounded without plasticizer and with very low levels of volatile ingredients that could possibly be washed out by fluids used in EVs.


Excellent NVH Vibration Damping

The high vibrational damping characteristic of Vamac compounds remains nearly constant over broad ranges of temperature, frequency, and amplitude.


NHFR Compounds

Vamac is not inherently resistant to burning. However, when properly compounded with non-halogenated flame retardants (NHFR), a Vamac compound will pass the demanding UL-94 V0 protocol. These Vamac NHFR compounds exhibit a combination of good oil resistance, good heat resistance, and good lowtemperature properties and can be used for sealing elements, tubes, hoses, flooring, and wire & cable applications such as Automotive T4 150 °C continuous class temperature.


High-Temperature Durability

Parts made with Vamac retain elasticity and remain functional after continuous air oven exposures. Conventional filled Vamac compounds can meet heat requirements of six weeks (1,000 h) at 165 °C, 18 months (13,000 h) at 121 °C or five days (120 h) at 204 °C. VMX5000 series pre-compounds provide superior high-temperature performance (up to six weeks at 180 °C, and three weeks at 190 °C).


Compressive Stress Relaxation

Vamac compounds perform exceptionally well in seal and gasket applications and have good CSR performance in oils up to 5,000 hours at 150 °C. VMX5000 series pre-compounds provide a step change for CSR (in hot air) sealing force retention at +15 to 20 °C higher temperature than conventional filled Vamac.


Basic Heat and Oil Swell Characteristics

Compounds based on the Vamac G family (Vamac G, GXF, Ultra IP, and Ultra HT) and the Vamac dipolymers (DP and Ultra DX) typically exhibit IRM903 oil swell of 40–60%. Appropriately compounded, Vamac can withstand three weeks of continuous use at 175 °C, retaining 50% of initial elongation. Compounds based on the Vamac G family are generally rated as EE or EF by ASTM D2000/SAE J200


Reduced Oil Swell

For reduced oil swell, compounds based on the Vamac GLS family (GLS, Ultra LS, Ultra HT-OR, VMX3123) exhibit about one half the IRM903 oil swell of its G counterpart. The improved oil swell of Vamac GLS results in tradeoff of low-temperature flexibility (7 °C Tg increase). Compounds based on the Vamac® GLS family are rated as EG and EH by ASTM D2000.



Vamac GXF was designed for the demanding requirements of turbo charger hose, having improved physical properties, and dynamic fatigue resistance compared to Vamac G. Compounds of Vamac® GXF demonstrate improved extrudability with lower head pressure, and less scorch, resulting in hose with smoother surface appearance. Vamac Ultra HT and Ultra HT-OR compounds have the best combination of processability, compression set, and dynamic properties for high-temperature hoses. The Ultra HT-OR compounds have lower volume swell in fluids while the Ultra HT compounds have better lowtemperature properties. Vamac Ultra XF and VMX3123 offer intermediate viscosity between Vamac GXF and Ultra HT, respectively between Vamac GLS and Ultra HT-OR, allowing an excellent combination of good extrusion at moderate extruder head pressure of Shore 70A compounds and good green strength.

Product Uses


GradeML (1+4) at 100 °C    Tg (by DSC) °C1Key Feature
Vamac G16.5-30General purpose
Vamac GXF 17.5-30 Dynamic fatigue resistance
Vamac GLS18.5-23Low oil swell
Vamac Ultra IP 29-30Improved performance grade for molding & extrusion
Vamac Ultra XF23-30Intermediate viscosity
Vamac Ultra HT 29-30High temperature
Vamac Ultra LS33-23High viscosity / Low oil swell
VMX3123 24-25Intermediate viscosity, low swell extrusion grade
Vamac Ultra HT-OR31-24 High temperature / Oil resistance
Vamac Ultra LT12-42Low temperature
Vamac DP22-29Peroxide curable dipolymer
Vamac Ultra DX 28-29Improved processing peroxide curable dipolymer


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