Smart Waste Kitchen Composter, Compost Bin Kitchen, Electric Composter with Single Button Design (1600785579684)

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Kitchen Garbage Disposal 3/4HP, Food Waste Disposal Continuous Feed, Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

Product nameKitchen Garbage disposal
Motor power0.68hp/0.75hp/1.0 Hp/500W/550W/750W
Rotor per Minute3300 Rpm
Working Voltage/ HZ110V-60hz / 220V -50hz
Installation Type3 bolt mounting system
Current Amps3.0 Amp
Dishwasher compatibility25.5mm  /1.0 " rubber dishwasher drain hose
Sink flange materialReinforged Ploymer





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What is Food waste disposal?

Food waste disposal is a kitchen appliance that can dispose most types of food waste, such as small bones, corn cobs, nut shells, vegetable scraps, fruit peels, coffee grinds etc. Antibacterial and dedorized to help control sink and drain odors. Through high strengthen grinding, all food waste processed shortly and can be automatically flowed into urban sewage pipe.
Why it is popular? 
Convenient, time saving and rapid disposal of food waste
Remove kitchen odors and reduce bacteria growth
Enhanced enviromental awareness around the world
Great support of goverment is many countries
Quick mounting system for easy installation
Internal self-cleaning, no need of chemical detergents
Who needs food waste disposer?
Every family is potential customer because everyone needs to eat and produces food waste, the largest market is the US that over 90% of family in US are using food waste disposer.. the popularity rate in some European countries is around 70% percent currently. While more and more developing countries like south korea and china become emerging markets.
Where to install ?
It is installed under kitchen sink by attaching sink flange assembly to the sink
How it works? 
1. turn on the cold water tap
2. flip the switch
3. scrape in food waste
4. run disposer and waste, waiting for 10 seconds after finishing disposal
5. turn off the switch and then and water tap

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