Высококачественная декантерная центрифуга с проскальзыванием для закаливания и закалки, обезжиривающая центрифужная скользящая центрифуга, дозирующая скользящая и парогенератор

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Product Overview


Product Description

On the basis of investigating the current status of oil-bearing sludge treatment technology in domestic oil fields, a new type of sludge treatment equipment was researched and developed according to the characteristics of oil field sludge by integrating physical and chemical methods. Through the actual field production and test, the equipment is optimized and combined to reduce the floor space of the equipment.The whole set of equipment adopts skid mounted structure, low energy consumption, automatic control, high production efficiency, suitable for flow operation.1.1 technology principle of 1.1.1 conditioning cleaning technology by adding medicament supplemented by heating, steam, gas, ultrasonic, by adding the agent along with heat, steam, gas, ultrasonic, mechanical dispersion, the conditioning and cleaning methods such as viscosity, adjustment and arrangement of the characteristics of solid particle swarm state, make the oil viscosity of the adsorption desorption and demulsification make it suitable for dehydration.This technology has been the national invention patent.

1. Tempering and cleaning technology
The properties and arrangement state of solid particle swarm can be adjusted by adding agents, supplemented by heating, steaming, air flotation, ultrasonic wave, mechanical dispersion, viscosity reduction and other conditioning and cleaning means, so that the viscous adsorption oil desorption and demulsification make it suitable for dehydration.This technology has been the national invention patent.

2. Separation technology
Large centrifugal force generated by patent high-speed horizontal centrifuge in strong under the action of centrifugal force
field, because the proportion of oil and water, different proportion of large water adsorption in the sediment will be relatively
small proportion of oil-base group on the surface displacement, after special structure design of horizontal centrifuge, will
replace the oil isolated and automatically collect outside.Sewage will be separated into the common sewage horizontal screw
centrifuge mud cake and discharged, water into the water treatment system for in-depth treatment according to the need.

3. Dehydration unit
The new high-tech product is a continuous filtration and deep dehydration equipment, which has the characteristics of continuous
operation, large production capacity (the discharge volume of dry mud can reach 4~5 tons), easy operation and maintenance, low
operating cost and so on.The new filtration and dehydration technology is a new solid-liquid separation equipment independently
developed in digestion and absorption foreign advanced technology.

4. Pharmaceutical technology
Demulsifying coagulant belongs to inorganic polymer graft copolymer with high molecular weight and unique chemical
structure.After being dissolved in water, it can play the role of adsorption bridge and electric neutralization between particles at the same time to condense emulsified oil and colloid in wastewater and separate precipitation.It has excellent effect of oil removal, decolorization and COD reduction, and can complete the process of demulsification and coagulation at one time.The product is simple to operate, no need to repeat acid-base adjustment, can be directly treated, improve the treatment efficiency.Inorganic solidification flocculating agent integrates breaking glue, flocculating, settling and improving the solidification of mud layer to ensure cleaner water quality and dehydration effect of mud cake.

The Equipment Parameters

The equipment parameters
1 Processing capacity: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 tons/hour
2 Solid content of material: 10 ~ 20%
3 Oil content of materials: less than 70%
4 Heating temperature: 40 ~ 70 ℃
5 Outdoor temperature: -5 ~ 40 ℃
6 steam boiler: gas production 180 ℃ 0.2 ~ 3 tons/hour
7 Total power: 30 ~ 200 kW
Post-processing paramete
1 Oil content in mud: 1 ~ 3%
2 Water in oil: 1 ~ 5%
3 Sediment in oil: less than 0.1%
4 Oil in water: less than 1000PPM
5 The reduction rate is over 70 ~ 90%

The Equipment List

Treatment site of
Jinling Petrochemical Refinery
Dagang Petrochemical refinery
treatment site

Treatment site of no.2 Oil recovery Plant
in Daqing Oilfield
Nansilian treatment site of the second oil production Plant
in Daqing Oilfield

Company Profile

Shanghai Kangjiebao New Chemical Materials Co., LTD., is a professional manufacturer of high speed decanter centrifuge
based on the introduction of advanced centrifuge technology from Russia and Europe and the combination of domestic military manufacturing team. By combining research and development with production and manufacturing, the company strives to make breakthroughs in the application field of centrifuge physics, so as to find a new method to solve the world's production problem -sludge treatment technology, and continuously develop new technologies and new products according to the principle of centrifugal force to benefit the society.
In 2013, the two-phase and three-phase horizontal screw centrifuges developed by the company, such as special oily sludge, oily sludge and aging oil, obtained national patent rights, and achieved unprecedented good results in production practice, with various indicators superior to foreign standards. The sludge treatment system with special horizontal screw centrifuge as the core has been put into use.
Since 2014, the company has applied for more than 20 technology patents, including as many as 6 invention patents. The invention patents have a huge market space, including: seawater desalination no-clogging all-in-one machine;Automobile oil filter technology without changing;Mechanical drying sludge technology;High efficiency centrifugal separator for oil production fluid;New electric dehydration equipment in oil field;Oil field sludge treatment technology, so that the company has entered the jiangsu province small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises and private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu province, for further promotion of the national high-tech enterprises have laid a foundation.
The company's other centrifuge products are applied in many industries and fields.With the most difficult to separate pea
protein, corn protein, fermentation liquid and other fields have a leading position, which will enable the company's customers enterprises in investment, production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection and many other aspects to obtain more competitive advantages, but also can provide the international market with the value of The Chinese wisdom.

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